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Visit the Loi Krathong festival in Thailand

chiang Mai

The Loi Krathong festival in Thailand is a great thing to experience. Loi Krathong is the “Festival of Light” and is, after the Thai New Year, the most popular party in Thailand. The Thai people gather along rivers, canals and lakes to water the ‘krathong’ (a boat). This party is celebrated on the evening of the full moon in November. You should visit the Loi Krathong festival in Thailand!

My tips for a visit to the Loi Krathong festival Thailand!

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The wine festival in Haro, Spain


Once a year on June 29 there is a wine festival in Haro (Spain). Thousands of people gather on a field hidden somewhere between the mountains and the vineyards! They are ready with liters of red wine to throw this on each other. Buckets, water guns and traditional bags are the weapons used in this wine fight. I participated in this festival and it was fantastic. During this party you walk through the streets steeped in wine and celebrate a unique party. Spain is of course the land of the fiestas and the festivals! Every village has its own unique festivities and this wine festival in Haro is definitely recommended!

Read all about this great wine festival in Haro!

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A multi-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

The best place in Thailand to make a multi-day trek through the untouched Thai jungle is in northern Thailand. The landscape near the city of Chiang Mai is vast, untouched and endlessly green. You can walk for hours without encountering other people or villages. I made a three-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai and I enjoyed every step and every second! It was the coolest thing I did in the north of Thailand!

Wondering what my jungle trek in Chiang Mai looked like? Read my personal report!

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You know you are in Iran when….


Iran is quite a special destination and it exceeded even my wildest expectations. Nowhere in the world I’ve felt more welcome than here. Iran’s Lonely Planet describes this very well: “If travel is most rewarding when it surprises, then Iran might be the most rewarding destination on earth”. My trip to Iran has been a journey full of pleasant surprises. When do you know you are in Iran?

Read here when you know you are in Iran and the 28 points that make Iran unique!

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Cool festival in Spain: throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina

La Tomatina

La Tomatina is a cool festival in the village of Buñol near the Spanish city of Valencia. The sleepy place Buñol for one day a year transforms into a pleasant battlefield where everyone pelts each other with tomatoes. La Tomatina takes place every year on the last Wednesday of August. A total of 22,000 people will come to this festival and 150,000 tons of (spoiled) tomatoes will be thrown. It is the world’s biggest food fight and in 2017 I participated! It was a fantastic experience and without a doubt the coolest festival I have ever experienced. La Tomatina festival and throwing tomatoes is an experience to put very high on your bucket list!

Read all about the world famous La Tomatina festival and throwing tomatoes!

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The 5 countries with the friendliest people


I always tell friends and family when I return from a trip if I found the people in the country in question friendly and hospitable. For me, that is a very important aspect that can make or break a journey. A helping hand from the local population is very nice and the atmosphere that the local population radiates, you often take over as a tourist. I like being genuinely friendly and not having the feeling that people are only interested in me to spend the money I spend in the country. I always try to dress and behave with respect to the country where I am, because that is also part of it. Giving respect means getting respect! Which countries have the friendliest people?

In total I visited over 70 countries and are you wondering which 5 countries I think have the most friendly population?

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Flying in a hot air balloon above Granada


A great way to see Granada and its surroundings is by flying over it in a hot air balloon. This is an unforgettable and incredibly cool experience. The area surrounding Granada is breathtakingly beautiful and it really is best seen from the sky down. Flying in a hot air balloon over Granada is an hour of breathtaking views. In my opinion, the most beautiful views of all of Spain.

I enjoyed every second in the hot air balloon over Granada and it was an hour of ultimate joy for me. So glad I did this!

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How it’s like to visit a mosque in Iran?


The Shah-e-Cheragh mosque in Iran is located in Shiraz. Imam Reza’s brother is buried here and that makes Shiraz and this mosque an important pilgrimage site. The mosque is easy to find, because its next to the great bazaar and all signs will point you to the mosque as well. Always wanted to know how it’s like to visit a mosque in Iran?

Read my personal report about my visit to a mosque in Iran!

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Beautiful treehouse in Bali: Rumah Poohon Treehouse

boomhut bali

Indonesia is known as a place where various special and cool accommodations are available to spend the night. One accommodation is even more beautiful and more unique than the other and they are all also affordable. I have found the best accommodation in all of Indonesia and that is the Rumah Poohon treehouse in Bali! A treehouse located in southern Bali on the beautiful and undiscovered island of Nusa Penida. Now this island of itself is already a true gem to visit, but sleeping in this treehouse makes your trip complete. This impressive treehouse is the Rumah Poohon Treehouse.  Please note, this is a treehouse for the adventurous travelers.

This is a dream accommodation. Read all about my stay in this wonderful treehouse in Bali!

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