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The 5 countries with the friendliest people


I always tell friends and family when I return from a trip if I found the people in the country in question friendly and hospitable. For me, that is a very important aspect that can make or break a journey. A helping hand from the local population is very nice and the atmosphere that the local population radiates, you often take over as a tourist. I like being genuinely friendly and not having the feeling that people are only interested in me to spend the money I spend in the country. I always try to dress and behave with respect to the country where I am, because that is also part of it. Giving respect means getting respect! Which countries have the friendliest people?

In total I visited over 70 countries and are you wondering which 5 countries I think have the most friendly population?

TravelUnique experience

Beautiful treehouse in Bali: Rumah Poohon Treehouse

boomhut bali

Indonesia is known as a place where various special and cool accommodations are available to spend the night. One accommodation is even more beautiful and more unique than the other and they are all also affordable. I have found the best accommodation in all of Indonesia and that is the Rumah Poohon treehouse in Bali! A treehouse located in southern Bali on the beautiful and undiscovered island of Nusa Penida. Now this island of itself is already a true gem to visit, but sleeping in this treehouse makes your trip complete. This impressive treehouse is the Rumah Poohon Treehouse.  Please note, this is a treehouse for the adventurous travelers.

This is a dream accommodation. Read all about my stay in this wonderful treehouse in Bali!

TravelUnique experience

Ballooning over Bagan: a must do in Myanmar!

luchtballon bagan

Ballooning over Bagan is a magical and unforgettable experience! Myanmar is a beautiful country and the Bagan temple complex will be the highlight of your trip to this country! Seeing the sunrise during a ballooning over Bagan experience means enjoying one of the most beautiful views in the world for one hour. For me it was an hour of ultimate happiness and I’m very happy to have done this!

Read all about ballooning over Bagan, a must do in Myanmar!

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