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The 3 nicest islands in Thailand


There are hundreds of islands in Thailand and most have been specially developed for tourism. As a result, many islands are crammed with hotels, airports, restaurants and shops. You have to search better and better if you want an island with peace and an authentic atmosphere. I love to end my journey after a hustle and bustle in some parts of Thailand on a quiet and beautiful island where preferably there are few stimuli and where life is very relaxed. Since I have been in Thailand very often and I have visited a different island on every trip, I have seen many islands. What are the nicest islands in Thailand?

I like to share with you the 3 nicest islands in Thailand!

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Visiting Chernobyl: an excursion from Kiev

Tsjernobyl bezoeken

Would you like to visit the remains of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant? And take a look at the ghost town of Pripyat? Visiting this strange place can be arranged with an excursion from Kiev. A visit to Chernobyl is bizarre, impressive and certainly a history lesson. I think it’s a sight you must have seen once in your life… Do you like visiting Chernobyl? I’ll explain everything to you about visiting Chernobyl.  

Visiting Chernobyl: an excursion from Kiev

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A visit to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh

Tuol Sleng

If you are in Cambodia then you should visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide museum in Phnom Penh. Here you are ruthlessly shown all the facts and actually this is something you do not want to see at all. But this history is unfortunately associated with Cambodia and demonstrates the darkest side of the human mind, which is said to be able to bring everyone to such an extent.

A visit to the Tuol Sleng Genocide museum in Phnom Penh!


The 3 nicest hotels with swimming pool in Porto

hotels zwembad Porto

Porto is a charming and atmospheric city where you can enjoy everything the city has to offer. Pubs, restaurants, cathedrals, churches and museums go hand in hand! The city has beautiful main streets, but also numerous narrow streets with atmospheric squares. The city is built on a number of hills, giving you a beautiful view on a regular basis. Are you looking for hotels with swimming pool in Porto? I have selected the 3 nicest hotels with swimming pool in Porto for you!

The 3 nicest hotels with swimming pool in Porto

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20 fun facts about Malaysia


Malaysia is a country that lies partly on the Asian mainland and partly on the northern island of Borneo. Malaysia is really Asia. It is one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia due to investments in technology industry and a reasonable oil wealth. Skyscrapers, exotic wildlife, beautiful islands, jungle…. Malaysia has it all. What are nice facts about Malaysia?

20 fun facts about Malaysia!

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5x why I think Croatia should be your next destination


Croatia is a country that I think has everything to offer for a very nice vacation. I think it is a very versatile holiday destination on the Mediterranean coast with great beaches, a beautiful nature and a rich cultural history. The various cities in the country all have their own character and that also means that Croatia has many different faces to it. I think Croatia is a great and unique mix of Central European, Mediterranean and Eastern European influences. Why should Croatia be your next travel destination?

I give you 5 reasons why Croatia should be your next travel destination!

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The 5 hidden gems in Paris


Paris is a wonderful city I want to visit it every year. This is because of all of the sights it has to offer, as well as the excellent museums, atmospheric streets, the squares, the gardens, the food, the wine, the shops. Paris is simply a top destination for tourists! Every year, about 25 million tourists visit the city of romance. The most cliche places are of course worth a visit, but most people have already seen them before.  You want to see the hidden gems in Paris!

So what is really fun to do when you’ve visited Paris a couple of times already? My five favorite hidden gems in Paris!

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Goa, the three best beaches


Goa is the smallest state of India and here you will find what you almost can’t find in India: peace and quiet! From north to south, the state is about 100 km long and from east to west up to 50 km wide. Goa is the best beach destination of India. It has a Portuguese colonial past and therefore Goa has its own character which is not comparable to the rest of India. Years ago, there were mostly hippies in Goa, but today it is fun for everyone to visit Goa. You will find large hotel resorts, but also Indian culture and Portuguese history. Goa, what are the best beaches to visit?

It’s difficult to choose so I described for Goa the three beaches.


4 tips for New Delhi, India

New delhi

Here are some general tips for New Delhi, making sure you suffer as little of a culture shock as possible and spend more time having a ball in New Delhi. Travelers often start their Indian journey in New Delhi. A recent CNN study however, came to the conclusion that the Indian capital of New Delhi has the questionable honor of calling itself the ‘most polluted city in the world’. New Delhi has about 14 million inhabitants and that makes it the 3rd largest city in India, after Calcutta and Bombay. This city is a bustling metropole and the perfect introduction into the complexity and dynamics of India.

You are guaranteed to have a great time, if you follow these 4 tips for New Delhi.