Which 6 countries have the most neighboring countries?


Which countries have the most neighboring countries? At first you think quickly that the big countries are also the countries with the most neighbors. But nothing is less true. There are a number of large countries, such as America and Mexico, which because of their geographical location actually do not have so many neighboring countries. The size of a country does not automatically say anything about it.

Which 6 countries have the most neighboring countries?


Tips to prevent a jetlag!


If you taking a long trip, it might happen that you experience a jetlag. Your biological clock gets messed up when you change time zones all of the sudden. This can happen when you go or come back from your trip and it can confuse you for a couple of days. It’s really annoying and one person can experience a bigger jetlag than another. Fortunately, I don’t have a lot of issues with jetlag, but I do notice that the older I get, the more jetlagged I get unfortunately. What are tips to prevent a jetlag?

These are my tips to prevent a jetlag!


8 tips to prevent you from getting robbed on a trip


Since I was 18 years old, I travel all over the world and I usually I do this alone, but sometimes also with family or friends or in an organized trip. I have never been robbed during all my travels! Yes ,I realize very well that I have a good dose of luck on my side, but there are certainly a number of things that I am always consciously working on to prevent it from happening. How do you prevent getting robbed on a trip?

I give you my 8 tips to prevent you from getting robbed on a trip!


6 interesting habits abroad!


Something which might be very normal to us, can be perceived very differently by foreigners. We have all been surprised about the strange habits in another country. To prepare yourself for your trip and to not be surprised by different etiquette and common practises abroad, I’ve written down some interesting habits abroad.

Curious about new cultures and habits abroad? 6 interesting habits abroad!


The 5 most visited countries in the world


Most people like to travel and I think that most people dream of visiting new countries, wherever in the world that might be. Experiencing new things, discovering a different culture, enjoying nature, admire cities and visit the attractions which the country has to offer. Some countries are so popular, that they attract millions of tourists every year. What are the most visited countries in the world?

These are the five most visited countries in the world!

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Tips for women who travel to Iran

Reizen Iran

Iran is a wonderful, beautiful and interesting country. I have never been more impressed with a country than Iran. I had many Iranian expectations when I went there. But, secretly, I was also nervous. I did not really know what to expect. Is it dangerous? Should I not travel with a man there? All questions wandering through my mind. But I can tell you that I have traveled in Iran with a lot of fun and a safe feeling! Tips for women who travel to Iran!

I would like to share my tips for women who travel to Iran with you!


What I learned from my solo trip to Bali and Lombok


I spent a few weeks traveling through Bali and Lombok and this trip was amazing. I have done a lot of fun things, have seen beautiful things and met very interesting people. So I’ve definitely enclosed these two islands in my heart. Except for the fact it was all a lot of fun, during the solo trip to Bali and Lombok I learned some things about myself.

No, this is not a blog about the whole trip of discovering myself because I was not on Bali for that. But just little facts and things that I noticed during this trip. Things that I actually didn’t even know I could enjoy or things I forgot I enjoyed. What did I learned from my solo trip to Bali and Lombok?

Are you wondering what I learned from my solo trip to Bali and Lombok?


Delay or cancellation of your flight? EUclaim!


It is very annoying when your holiday starts or ends with stress and irritation because your flight is delayed or canceled. Are you ready at the airport to catch your flight and then it doesn’t go as planned. From my own experience I know that such a thing is extremely frustrating! But did you know that in these cases you are probably eligible for financial compensation? Unfortunately, many travelers are not aware of these rights, which is why I write this article to point this out!

Simply claim your compensation in case of delay or cancellation of your flight at EUclaim!


What went wrong in my journey?


I travel a lot and something goes wrong on a regular basis. It means I have had to visit a doctor in quite a few countries. I am a bit of a clumsy person and I can also be a little nonchalant. Not a good combination! But sometimes I’m just full of bad luck. It does not matter how much I’ve traveled, because I keep the doctor’s visits when I’m traveling. These doctor visits are the less pleasant things of traveling, but I have accepted that it is part of it. After all, it has happened to me so often, that I have become accustomed to it in the meantime. So if you think that I never went wrong in my journey, then after reading this blog you will know that it is certainly not the case!

What went wrong in my journey? Where and why did I visit the doctor abroad?