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10x the most beautiful places in Europe

mooiste plekken in Europa Azoren

What are the most beautiful places in Europe? I mean places that are special, because they are still a bit undiscovered. Places that are beautiful because of the culture, nature or other unique characteristics. I have made a list of what I find the most beautiful places in Europe! In Europe there are countless cool places with a beauty that is overwhelming and so special that you just want to go there. Places that you should put directly on your bucket list. My list contains places that I like and that I would like to recommend.

The most beautiful places in Europe

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The 5 hidden gems in Paris


Paris is a wonderful city I want to visit it every year. This is because of all of the sights it has to offer, as well as the excellent museums, atmospheric streets, the squares, the gardens, the food, the wine, the shops. Paris is simply a top destination for tourists! Every year, about 25 million tourists visit the city of romance. The most cliche places are of course worth a visit, but most people have already seen them before.  You want to see the hidden gems in Paris!

So what is really fun to do when you’ve visited Paris a couple of times already? My five favorite hidden gems in Paris!

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Dark tourism, visiting dark places


Dark tourism, also known as dark tourism or thanato tourism, is a form of tourism that involves visiting historical sites that are related to or associated with death and tragedy. Because I travel to understand the world and history, these are places I have visited regularly. It sounds sinister, dark and strange, and they are places where you get quiet and where you get a knot in your stomach. Yet they are places that I often visit. Is this disrespectful or respectful?

Dark tourism, visiting dark places. 15x well-known dark tourism places you can visit!

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Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam) square in Isfahan: the most beautiful square in the world


As far as I’m concerned, the most beautiful square in the world is the Naqsh-e Jahan square in Isfahan, Iran. This square is also known under the name: The Imam square. If you are travelling there always be moments that you will remember forever and for me one of those moments when I first set foot on the immense square Naqsh-e Jahan square in Isfahan. Believe me, that square will surprise even the most seasoned traveler! Why?

Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam) square in Isfahan: the most beautiful square in the world!

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Visit KRKA park Croatia for the best waterfalls


If you are looking for waterfalls in Croatia, then a visit to the Krka park is a must. This park is great for anyone who loves nature, waterfalls and hiking.  Krka Park is one of the reasons I went to Croatia. The beaches in Croatia are also beautiful, but get off the beach for a day and visit Krka park and the waterfallds in Croatia!

If you want to visit Krka park and the waterfalls in Croatia, read this blog.

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Persepolis, a must visit in Iran


Persepolis is a ruin city in located in the south of Iran. This ruin city used to be the capital of the Persian empire. You can visit the ruins of what once used to be a powerful city, destroyed by Alexander the Great. The name Persepolis is not the original name, the city used to be called Parsa. Parsa means city of the Persians. Persepolis is the Greek name with the same meaning, namely, city of the Persians. Imagine yourself being a real Persian princess looking over this ancient city! Persepolis is  must visit in Iran!

Persepolis, a must visit in Iran!

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The 5 countries that must be on your bucket list


It is always great fun to dream about a bucket list to check off. But yes, with 190 countries it is a bit difficult to make a choice and have a well-organized bucket list. I think the bucket list for most travelers in us is only getting longer instead of shorter. I have visited many countries already, but my bucket list is infinitely long. Adventurous destinations, discovering new places, a bit of culture, beautiful nature and the beach is for me the ideal combination of a beautiful trip. Now that you are here, I will have to show you a country you have to visit once!

These are the 5 countries that must be on your bucket list!

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Discover the 7 new Wonders of the World

rio de janeiro

There are many great places in the world and people talk about the seven new world wonders in this context. A world wonder is simply a name for a natural phenomenon or construction made by mankind. The list with the seven modern world wonders exists since 07-07-2007. Because of a worldwide vote, more than 100 million people have voted and that’s how this list was put together. The list consists out of seven beautiful constructions, but almost nobody knows what these seven things actually are.

I have listed all Seven New Wonders of the World for you.