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What do you wear in Iran


Iran is a country where a dress code is imposed. But what do you wear in Iran? This is a question you need to ask yourself during the preparations before travelling to Iran. Iran is an Islamic state and therefore is has an Islamic dress code. It is necessary to have your clothing fit this dress code when travelling to Iran.

All tips and information allowing you to prepare your trip to Iran properly without any stress when it comes to clothing!

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Hafez’ Tomb in the city of Shiraz, Iran


Hafez’ Tomb is a tomb situated in the city of Shiraz. This tomb is dedicated to the poet Hafez. Hafez lived in this city in the 14th century and is generally regarded as one of the greatest poets the world has known. Sometimes it is said of Iranians that they always will have two things at home: a Koran and a book with Hafez’ poetry. Poetry is an important part of the live of Iranians.

You can’t miss a visit to Hafez’ Tomb in Shiraz when you’re in Iran!