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The 5 reasons to visit Jordan


Jordan is a wonderful country, but not many people travel to it. You are transported to a completely different world. An Arab world of centuries old cultural treasures like Petra, surprisingly beautiful nature like Wadi Rum, and friendly people. There is no travel warning but tourists still tend to stay away. It is the location of the country that makes people have doubts about whether it is really safe to go. The neighbouring countries of Syria, Iraq, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are indeed restless. But Jordan is safe and it is amazing! What are reasons to visit Jordan?

I have mentioned 5 reasons to visit Jordan and why Jordan must be your next destination!

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Traveling to Israel, 10 things you need to know

More and more people are traveling to Israel. I myself went to Israel a few months ago and I had some questions beforehand. You occasionally hear negative news about Israel in the news and that may cause you to doubt the security of the country. Do you want to travel to Israel? I answer the questions you may also have about traveling to Israel.

Traveling to Israel, 10 things you want to know!

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Visit KRKA park Croatia for the best waterfalls


If you are looking for waterfalls in Croatia, then a visit to the Krka park is a must. This park is great for anyone who loves nature, waterfalls and hiking.  Krka Park is one of the reasons I went to Croatia. The beaches in Croatia are also beautiful, but get off the beach for a day and visit Krka park and the waterfallds in Croatia!

If you want to visit Krka park and the waterfalls in Croatia, read this blog.

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The bridge over the river Kwai, Thailand

Spoorbrug kwai rivier

The bridge over the river Kwai in Thailand is a railroad bridge built near the Thai city of Kanchanburi as part of the Railway of death. During construction many Western prisoners of war lost their lives. It’s the place where more than 100.000 people, among which are 3.000 Dutch people, lost their live during the construction of a railroad track. A pretty intense history and visiting the site is impressive. All information for a visit to the bridge over the river Kwai in Thailand!

A visit to the bridge over the river Kwai, Thailand!

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The 10 reasons to visit Nusa Penida, Bali

nusa penida

Nusa Penida is an undiscovered paradise island in southern Bali, but tourism is on its way. This is what you see when you are on the island, due to the fact that hotels are being built in various places. There are also more and more boats from Sanur to Nusa Penida. But for the time being, the island is still authentic and a special place to spend a few days. It’s really different from the other islands in Bali and Lombok, so what are the reasons to visit Nusa Penida? 

Read more about why this island is so amazing and my 10 reasons why you have to visit Nusa Penida!

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The 6 best things to do in Kashan, Iran


Kashan is a medium sized city in central Iran. Visiting Kashan is definitely worthwhile. The old center of this traditional city has retained most of its typical desert architecture. Kashan is about a 3-hour drive from Tehran at the edge of the desert, along the old silk road. What are the best things to do in Kashan, Iran?

What are the 6 best things you can do in this desert city Kashan in Iran?

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Travel route for the north of Thailand 2 weeks


Thailand has always been a fun destination for a faraway trip. Even when you’ve visited Thailand in the past, there is still plenty to discover in this awesome and extensive country. The country is perfectly suitable for solo traveling and I’ve done this for more than 10 times. I’ve made a fun travel route which will take up approximately two weeks so that you can discover the north of Thailand! What’s a great travel route for the north of Thailand?

Travel route for the north of Thailand

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Travel route Bali and Lombok 2 weeks


Bali is a great island in Indonesia and is situated east of Java and west of Lombok. The island is super green and is also the Island of a Thousand Temples. Bali is a great location for a beach holiday but also great for people who love culture and nature. There is plenty to see and to do on Bali and you can easily take the boat to Lombok. I’ve put a fun two-week travel route together and this way, I discovered the islands of Bali and Lombok! What’s a great travel route for Bali and Lombok?

Travel route Bali and Lombok 2 weeks