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4x the best places to visit in nothern Thailand

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Thailand is a very beautiful country and many tourists visit it. Many people go south to one of the islands, for example Koh Samui or stay in the vicinity of Bangkok and visit an island in the neighborhood such as Koh Kood. Of course these are also great places to make a nice trip. But the area in northern Thailand has a hugely diverse landscape and countless attractions. It is often overlooked by tourists because it is not always convenient on the route. Something I find very unfortunate, because the north of Thailand has a lot of fun to offer. What are the best places in nothern Thailand?

These are the 4 best places to visit in nothern Thailand!

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The 8 things you need to know about India


India is a special country that stimulates all your senses. You can not compare India with another country in the world. India is definitely my favorite country in Southeast Asia! India is overwhelming, intimidating and it overwhelms you. But India is also sensitive, colorful and mystical. This is not a country that every traveler will like because of the country’s fierceness. What are things to know about India?

The 8 things to know about India!

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6 things about Australia you might not know

things about Australia

From magical vistas to glossy city centres and gorgeous, sun-kissed beaches, Australia is where globetrotters come to live their wildest dreams. A land surrounded by serene blue seas and quirky little islands, the continent is packed to the brim with everything that makes for a truly memorable holiday. The weather here is mostly great and every remote corner is riddled with pockets of stunning wildlife. But did you know that Australia is also home to some of the world’s top unusual sights and experiences?

Here are a few amazing things about Australia you might not know.

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The 5 reasons to visit Jordan


Jordan is a wonderful country, but not many people travel to it. You are transported to a completely different world. An Arab world of centuries old cultural treasures like Petra, surprisingly beautiful nature like Wadi Rum, and friendly people. There is no travel warning but tourists still tend to stay away. It is the location of the country that makes people have doubts about whether it is really safe to go. The neighbouring countries of Syria, Iraq, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are indeed restless. But Jordan is safe and it is amazing! What are reasons to visit Jordan?

I have mentioned 5 reasons to visit Jordan and why Jordan must be your next destination!

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20 fun facts about Myanmar


As a tourist destination, Myanmar is quite a new country. However, Myanmar is incredibly rich in culture and history. After being oppressed for decades by a military regime, the country has finally opened up to the world. It’s an inspiring country and it surprises every traveller. To give you an idea about why Myanmar is so special, I’ve compiled a list of several fun and interesting facts about Myanmar.

20 fun facts about Myanmar!

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24 fun facts about Laos


Laos is certainly one of the nicest countries in Asia, but also one of the most undervalued countries. The country has become a bit more popular in recent years, but many people still prefer the neighboring countries (Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam) to a visit to Laos. Only 7 million inhabitants live in this country, making it one of the most sparsely populated countries in all of Asia. Traveling to Laos means a big step back in time and traveling in a still pure and untouched country. What are great facts about Laos?

I have 24 fun facts for you about Laos, a special country in Asia!

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8 tips for Chiang Mai, Thailand

chiang mai

Chiang Mai is a city located in the north of Thailand and is one of the most popular destinations throughout Thailand. Chiang Mai is a completely different city than Bangkok! This city feels more village and the atmosphere is also a lot more relaxed. Chiang Mai is a top destination for both nature and culture lovers. I think Chiang Mai is the best city in Thailand! What are tips for Chiang Mai?

I like to share with you my 8 tips to do in the city of Chiang Mai!

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