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The 5 hidden gems in Paris


Paris is a wonderful city I want to visit it every year. This is because of all of the sights it has to offer, as well as the excellent museums, atmospheric streets, the squares, the gardens, the food, the wine, the shops. Paris is simply a top destination for tourists! Every year, about 25 million tourists visit the city of romance. The most cliche places are of course worth a visit, but most people have already seen them before.  You want to see the hidden gems in Paris!

So what is really fun to do when you’ve visited Paris a couple of times already? My five favorite hidden gems in Paris!


The 5 best places to shop in Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai is a great city for shopping! Of course, the whole of Thailand is one big shop walhalla for the lovers, but I think Chiang Mai is the perfect place to shop! There is so much choice and so much diversity that everything is for sale in this city. It is also the cheapest place in Thailand for shopping! Are you looking for souvenirs, clothing, fake products or the real brands? You find this all in abundance here. For an afternoon, forget about the temples and the other attractions of Chiang Mai and go shopping! But what are the best places to shop in Chiang Mai?

I share my 5 best places to shop in Chiang Mai with you.


The 3 nicest hotels with pool in Valencia

hotels zwembad Valencia

Valencia is a wonderful city in Spain! The city has many nice sights, the cozy center is cozy, on every corner of the street is a tapas bar. The city centre of Valencia has many must do’s and is lively and typically Spanish. Are you looking for nice hotels with swimming pool in Valencia? I have selected my favourite hotels with swimming pool in Valencia for you!

The 3 nicest hotels with pool in Valencia.


Saigon / Ho Chi Minh: What to do in this city?


The wonderful song of Billy Joel “Goodnight Saigon” is one of the reasons why everyone must visit this city in Vietnam at least once. A song that knows many emotions, causes goosebumps, is about the Vietnam War, and above all else is very sad, though in a beautiful way. Saigon / Ho Chi Minh, what to do in this city?

Saigon / Ho Chi Minh, what to do in ths city?


Taipei, 7 must do’s and places to visit


Taipei is Taiwan‘s capital and largest city. Taipei offers a special mix of tradition and modernity. The easiest and cheapest way to move around in Taipei is by subway, i.e. the MRT (Mass Transit System). The stations are very clearly laid out and everything is indicated in both Chinese and English. What are the must do’s and places to visit in Taipei?

If you are going to Taipei soon, read up the 7 must do’s and places to visit in Taipei!


The 13 best sights of Singapore


Singapore is a vibrant city full of cool sights! The city is a beautiful mix of old colonial buildings, modern new skyscrapers, temples and green parks. Singapore is a small country with only one city, but it is one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia and you will notice that when you get there. The location on the Strait of Melakka and the South China Sea have ensured that the port of Singapore is the largest in the whole region and this port has created a lot of economic prosperity. What are the best sights of Singapore?

There is a lot to see, experience and do in Singapore and these are the 13 best sights of Singapore!


The 4 nicest hotels in Kuala Lumpur with swimming pool

Wat te doen Kuala Lumpur

If you are in Kuala Lumpur, it is a nice idea to sleep a few nights in a hotel with a rooftop infinity pool. There are countless luxury and very expensive hotels in Kuala Lumpur with a rooftop pool, but there are also affordable hotels with a rooftop pool. These hotels also have a beautiful view of your swimming pool. What are the nicest hotels in Kuala Lumpur with swimming pool? I have selected them for you!

The 4 nicest hotels in Kuala Lumpur with swimming pool!

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Cycling in Valencia bike tours


Valencia is the perfect city to explore by bicycle! With more than 100 km of bicycle paths, cycling in Valencia is very nice and relaxed. A visit to this wonderful city is not complete without a bicycle tour! The Dutch love cycling! I always find exploring a city by bicycle to be a super nice way of doing so, and that is why I have also discovered Valencia by bicycle. How do you arrange cycling and bike tours in Valencia?

Read how I did it and what I think about cycling in Valencia and how to arrange bike tours!