Cycling in Valencia bike tours


Valencia is the perfect city to explore by bicycle! With more than 100 km of bicycle paths, cycling in Valencia is very nice and relaxed. A visit to this wonderful city is not complete without a bicycle tour! The Dutch love cycling! I always find exploring a city by bicycle to be a super nice way of doing so, and that is why I have also discovered Valencia by bicycle. How do you arrange cycling and bike tours in Valencia?

Read how I did it and what I think about cycling in Valencia and how to arrange bike tours!


11 tips for a citytrip to Marrakech


Marrakech is for many people the first experience with the country Morocco and this fairytale royal city is very popular for a trip of several days. Marrakech is located in the interior of Morocco. This city is one of the four royal cities (Fez, Meknes, Rabat) of Morocco and is nicknamed the red city, because of the many red houses that are there. It is a city where you can wander for hours in the souks and get lost in the many narrow alleys and you will be amazed by the various fantastic palaces and mosques. Are you looking for tips for a citytrip to Marrakech?

These are my 11 tips for a citytrip to Marrakech!


Three ways to eat dim sum in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

If there is one place you can go for a good dim sum, it’s in Hong Kong. In this city, you find loads of dim sum restaurants where you can eat steamed and fried Chinese bites such as sieuw mai and ha kauw. But there is quite a difference between the different spots where you can enjoy these delicacies.

Down below, you find three ways to eat dim sum in Hong Kong.


The best spots for your citytrip to Nijmegen


Nijmegen is a good city to live in and study, but it’s also great fun for a city trip! It is the oldest city in the Netherlands, but full of life. The historic buildings, the shops, the beautiful waterfront location, the cozy Burgundian atmosphere. Nijmegen has it all! The city shows how old and new can go together. How about a citytrip to Nijmegen?

In this blog I (for years an inhabitant of this city) show you some of the best spots for your citytrip to Nijmegen!


12 x what to do in Berlin


I think that Berlin is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. This is due to the enormous abundance of culture and the impressive history. I find this combination of culture and history special. I know few cities that have this. The atmosphere in Berlin is creative and the city is buzzing in a way that makes me feel very comfortable. The city has a lot to offer and I never get bored. There are several options to visit Berlin, namely by plane, train and by car. And nowadays you can also use the Flixbus, with which you can often travel to Berlin for a small fee. So for every budget there is a way to visit Berlin and experience this cool city! What to do in Berlin?

What to do in Berlin? 12 things that I really like to do in Berlin!


7x the best things to do in Ljubljana


The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana and this city is very nice to visit! It reads history, tradition, style, art and culture and breathes both a Middle European and a Mediterranean sea atmosphere. It is close to the most important Slovenian attractions, such as Lake Bled and the Slovenian coast. Ljubljana is a nice city for a city trip, but is also a nice starting point for your trip through Slovenia. Did you know that the name of the city means “the Beloved” and that it is one of the smallest European capitals? What are the best things to do in Ljubljana?

7x the best things to do in Ljubljana.


15 fun facts about Bangkok


I love the city of Bangkok and it is my favorite city in Asia. It is a city where you will not be bored for a second because of the abundance of sights and activities. The city is for many travelers the starting point of their trip through Thailand. Bangkok is a bustling city where I have seen beautiful temples, shopped perfectly, had a nice meal and always had a great time! It excites all of your senses and it is a city that you will always love for at least a bit. There are so many fun facts about Bangkok!

I have described 15 fun facts that you did not know about the cool city Bangkok!


The 10 best things to do in Budapest


Budapest is the capital of Hungary and with a population of 2 million inhabitants, it is the country’s largest city. The city is often called the Paris of the east. And I think Budapest definitely deserves this name! Surrounding the Danube it is picturesque, with beautiful bridges, beautiful buildings and a friendly atmosphere, Budapest makes one of the nicest and most beautiful cities in Europe. What are the best things to do in Budapest?

Are you planning to travel to Budapest soon? These are the 10 best things to do and visit in Budapest!

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