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Ballooning over Bagan: a must do in Myanmar!

luchtballon bagan

Ballooning over Bagan is a magical and unforgettable experience! Myanmar is a beautiful country and the Bagan temple complex will be the highlight of your trip to this country! Seeing the sunrise during a ballooning over Bagan experience means enjoying one of the most beautiful views in the world for one hour. For me it was an hour of ultimate happiness and I’m very happy to have done this!

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The ballooning over Bagan

Around 5 o’clock in the morning you will be picked up with an old school bus and go to a place where the hot air balloon will take off. After some coffee and tea you get a brief security briefing. Then the balloons are inflated and you can climb into your basket. The pilot can cause the air balloon to rise or fall, but it is ultimately the wind that determines which route is being flown. It’s breathtakingly beautiful!

From above, Bagan is beautiful and you see how many temples there really are! The only downside was that I felt it was over far too soon. Before I knew, we already got the signal “store cameras” and we had to get into the landing position. After the landing you will get a bite and some champagne. That is a tradition after each flight.

ballooning over Bagan, Ballooning over Bagan: a must do in Myanmar!

How to reserve ballooning over Bagan?

There are a number of organizations that can arrange ballooning. I did this in December 2015 via “Balloons over Bagan”. These are the red hot air balloons. In total, 20 hot air balloons fly over Bagan every morning. The pilots are all from Western countries and have years of experience. They told me that there is a restriction on the number of balloons that may take off, so that no more than 20 balloons can enter the air every morning. The demand is bigger than what’s offered and this means that you really have to book ahead of time! I have reserved this through the site of “Balloons over Bagan” a few weeks in advance.

ballooning over Bagan, Ballooning over Bagan: a must do in Myanmar!

Costs ballooning over Bagan

At Balloons over Bagan you can book two different flights: classic of premium. The difference is the number of people in the basket. At classic, there are up to 16 and with premium there are 8. The classic flight costs 320 dollars per person and a premium flight 380 dollars. Hot air ballooning over Bagan is definitely not cheap, but it’s worth every penny!

Hotel Bagan

A great place to stay is The Bagan View Hotel. The location is great in New Bagan. It’s easy to walk around and it’s just a 10-20 mins cycling/ebiking distance to beautiful pagodas. The rooftop has amazing early morning views! The staff is extremely nice and helpful and the breakfast included many delicious options. It’s a very pretty hotel, inside and out.

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ballooning over Bagan, Ballooning over Bagan: a must do in Myanmar!
Bagan View Hotel



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