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Aqaba in Jordan is your next diving destination!

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Aqaba (Jordan) is a paradise for diving lovers. In the Red Sea near Aqaba, a very beautiful and colorful world is hidden under water. This paradise for diving lovers is located just 5 hours flying from Amsterdam. Aqaba in Jordan has not been discovered by mass tourism yet and has a number of fantastic diving spots.

Aqaba in Jordan is your next diving destination!

Travel information Aqaba

  • The best months to go to Aqaba are March/April/May and September/October. It is not so hot then as in the summer months, when the temperature can easily rise to 40°C.
  • Aqaba has a mild climate and the water is calm; because of this, it is actually a perfect destination for diving year-round.
  • Average water temperature is around 22.5°C. This is 20°C in the winter months.
  • Visibility is mostly greater than 20 metres. Plenty of chances, therefore, to spot the beautiful fish.
  • In total, there are about 20 different diving sites.

 Aqaba Jordan diving, Aqaba in Jordan is your next diving destination!

Diving in Aqaba in Jordan

Aqaba is a true paradise for divers. The underwater flora and fauna of the Red Sea are some of world’s most beautiful. The pristine coral reefs are the greatest attraction. There is an enormous diversity in diving sites, from near the coast to shipwrecks far out in the sea. You can also encounter the largest fish in the world, the whale shark. About 100 metres from the coast, the seafloor slopes to amazing corrals.

There are various professional diving facilities, which makes diving possible for all levels. From 10 metres deep, you can already see wonderful cliffs and there even is a shipwreck at only 8 metres. There are various diving schools and this, together with the various diving spots, rightfully makes Aqaba a diver’s Walhalla.

Aqaba Jordan diving, Aqaba in Jordan is your next diving destination!

Diving sites Aqaba in Jordan

One of the most famous diving sites is the “Cedar Price”. This is a Lebanese cargo ship that went up in flames in 1985 and was deliberately sunk in order to be overgrown with corals. This ship is now home to a collection of hard and soft corals. It lies at 25 metres, which means both beginners and experienced divers can visit this site.

At a depth of just 6 metres lies the wreck of a tank. Both divers and people doing snorkeling can enjoy this. King Abdullah was responsible for the sinking of an air-defence tank in 1999.

Unique species that you can encounter in the waters by Aqaba: parrotfish, clownfish, sea turtles, moray eels.

Aqaba Jordan diving, Aqaba in Jordan is your next diving destination!


Besides diving, Aqaba has many more nice things to offer. It is a cool resort that cannot be excluded from your trip to Jordan. Read: Aqaba in Jordan is the place to be


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