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All information for your trip to Pai, Thailand


Pai is a mountain village in northern Thailand. It is one of the places I fell in love with, after I was there for five minutes! The village is about 130 kilometers from Chiang Mai. The atmosphere in Pai is very relaxed so you automatically switch your gear back and the whole day goes a lot slower. It is a place where you can completely relax and that goes really well in Pai. I like these kinds of places and I think there are not so many in the world! Do you want information for your trip to Pai?

Curious about this fantastic place? Information for your trip to Pai!

The village of Pai

Pai is high in the mountains and its surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful and very green. I have been in Thailand 6 times and on all my trips I never went to Pai. I always thought that Pai was just a tad too hippie and just too much a backpacker’s village. But I was wrong, because it is absolutely true what everyone says about Pai: you fall in love with it!

I too stayed longer than I intended and in the end I spent a week there and I did not want to leave at all.

The center consists of a few streets full of cozy restaurants, small cafes, hip coffee bars, scooter rental companies, massage parlors and excursion desks. Pai is located in the mountains and therefore you have great weather during the day, but as soon as the sun is down it cools down 10 to 15 degrees and then it is quite cold. Do not forget to bring long pants and a sweater!

Pai is also a village where you have many restaurants with menus full of healthy things such as smoothies, herbal teas and salads. In the center you will find a lot of cheap hostels, but outside the center you will find several beautiful hotels with swimming pools, hammocks and a great view of the rice fields and mountains. This makes Pai certainly suitable for non-low budget travelers!

information trip Pai, All information for your trip to Pai, Thailand

Information for your trip to Pai. How do you get there?

The most convenient place from where to come to Pai is from the city of Chiang Mai. The road to Pai is a route with 762 square bends and goes straight through the mountains. A beautiful route, but certainly also a route that is a tragedy if you are quick to get sick.

You have a number of options:

  • You can rent a scooter and drive yourself. For a small fee the company brings your luggage to Pai. Costs 200 Baht.
  • You can book a shuttle bus. Costs 150 Baht.
  • You can arrange a private taxi. Costs 3000 Baht.

I have chosen to go to Pai with a shuttle bus, because I am not the best scooter driver. The shuttle bus departs several times a day from the bus station in Chiang Mai and the ride takes an average of 3.5 hours with a break of fifteen minutes. However, the travel time is quite dependent on the driving style of the driver. If you are quick to get sick, then it is advisable to reserve a spot in the van when arranging your bus ticket.

information trip Pai, All information for your trip to Pai, Thailand

How many days should you spend in Pai?

The best sights are all in the area of Pai and because of this you also have to spend some time to visit them. It is also a shame not to take the time to enjoy the place where you are. That is why I find the absolute minimum three days, but most people always stay longer than planned in Pai.

information trip Pai, All information for your trip to Pai, Thailand

Rent a scooter

You can not do much in Pai if you do not have a scooter, because the sights are all a few kilometers from the center. Pai is rather hilly and thus cycling is not really a good idea, especially in the heat. Scooters can be rented anywhere and cost an average of 150 Baht per day.

I rented a scooter and went exploring the area every day. The roads in the area are well paved and quiet and this makes the scooter ride very relaxed. I have spent hours enjoying the amazing scenery and you see the farmers who are working in the rice fields along the way, stray grazing water buffaloes, various temples, winding rivers and the fantastic mountains.

This is my information for your trip to Pai. Do you have more information for a trip to Pai?

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Hotel Pai

I loved my stay in Kuad Khon Thoe Pai Cottage. The pool setting is pleasant and peaceful overlooking the paddy fields. Spacious room and bathroom. Convenient free shuttle service to town.

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information trip Pai, All information for your trip to Pai, Thailand
Kuad Khon Thoe Pai Cottage

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