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A multi-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

The best place in Thailand to make a multi-day trek through the untouched Thai jungle is in northern Thailand. The landscape near the city of Chiang Mai is vast, untouched and endlessly green. You can walk for hours without encountering other people or villages. I made a three-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai and I enjoyed every step and every second! It was the coolest thing I did in the north of Thailand!

Wondering what my jungle trek in Chiang Mai looked like? Read my personal report!

The first day of the jungle trek at Chiang Mai

From Chiang Mai we drive to the north in the direction of the village of Pai. We drive to the mountains and we leave the city far behind us to go deeper and deeper into the jungle. There are fewer villages and the only thing I see after an hour are mountains, green rice fields, banana trees and a river that meanders through the whole landscape.

After two hours of driving we are dropped off somewhere and the trek starts! For a few hours we are walking through a beautiful forest. The many leaves provide shade and that is why it is nice and cool.

We finally arrive in a very small village where I see more animals than people. Everywhere pigs roam around, dogs run, cackling chickens scatter and water buffaloes graze.

Together with the other people from my group, I spend the night in one of the small wooden houses. Shortly after our arrival in this small village the sun quickly disappears behind the mountains and the temperature immediately drops by 10 degrees. It is suddenly pretty cold, but fortunately there is a campfire to keep warm.

Exhausted, I plopped down by the campfire and had a nice chat with everyone here for a few hours and at 22:00 I went to bed. This is a mat on the floor and with 3 blankets around me, I’m fortunately no longer cold and I fall into a deep sleep.

jungle trek Chiang Mai, A multi-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai

The second day of the jungle trek at Chiang Mai

I am awakened early by a number of roosters announcing loudly that the day has begun. After a delicious breakfast the walking tour starts and we leave the village and I see endless rice fields where we walk straight through. It is so beautiful here!

The landscape is constantly changing and I am amazed at how green it is here, how high the trees are and how incredibly beautiful it is here.

This is pure enjoyment! After two hours of walking we arrive in the next village and it is time to take a break. This village has 10 inhabitants and they all greet us equally warmly with the well-known Thai smile! A little later we walk on and soon we arrive at the first river that we have to cross. There is no choice and we have to go through the river and to my waist I walk through the water. I feel like a real jungle queen! What a cool adventure!

Fortunately, I safely reach the other side and my backpack is completely dry.

jungle trek Chiang Mai, A multi-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai

The hike continues

The guide leads the way and he has a large machete with which he continuously cuts away the leaves that bar our path. We walk on paths that are not even paths! After walking through the jungle for two hours, it is time to take a break. This time we stop at the river and we can cool down in the water.

I throw my shoes off and a refreshing dip in the cool water does a lot of good!

The last part we walk on slightly more passable roads and eventually we arrive at an elephant camp where I see two elephants walking. We are told that the elephants are saved from the terrible work of walking around with tourists. Don’t know if it is true or that this is a story they just tell us, but I decide to give the elephants some bananas and just leave them alone.

I enjoy a delicious lunch again and the last part of this day we sail for a short hour on a bamboo raft down the river to arrive in the next village where we spend the night. This village has only 5 houses and a hand full of people and yet again 100 animals that I see walking around everywhere. When the evening comes, we gather around the campfire and drink a few beers and I eat the best Pad Thai I have ever tasted. The walking tour was very long today and at 22:00 I fell asleep very satisfied.

jungle trek Chiang Mai, A multi-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai

The third day of the jungle trek at Chiang Mai

It is again the roosters that make me wake up early and I decide to explore the tiny village. But the village is so small, that I am soon done, but from the top of the hill I suddenly see the fog and the clouds moving away and so the mountains and the sun slowly come out.

What a beautiful moment of happiness early in the morning!

There is a feeling of pure happiness and calmly I remain sitting until the sun has risen completely. This day, after breakfast we will sail directly for a number of hours on the bamboo raft. This boat is ingeniously put together on the spot by the guides. Our bags can stand high and dry on the raft on a special platform.

The rafting is a new adventure! We sail through a landscape so beautiful that you think you are in a theme park, where they have created it so beautifully. But this is the green heart of Thailand! Unspoiled nature, endless rivers and tall trees! With this amazing view, we sail for a few hours over the river. Occasionally we come to rapids and then the guide screams very hard that we have to sit down and this makes it an adventurous trip!

Around noon we moor somewhere and we get a delicious meal again and it is unfortunately already time to drive to Chiang Mai.

jungle trek Chiang Mai, A multi-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai

My experience about a jungle trek at Chiang Mai

Time flew by, but it was so great! I really need a hot shower, clean clothes and spending a night in a lovely bed in my hotel. But I did not want to miss this adventure! It was fantastic!!

What do you think about a jungle trek at Chiang Mai?

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jungle trek Chiang Mai, A multi-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai

Tip hotel Chiang Mai

I always stay at The riverside House and Breakfast. The garden and pool are relaxed and beautifully maintained. The rooms are lovely and spacious. And I loved my balcony!

jungle trek Chiang Mai, A multi-day trek through the jungle at Chiang Mai
Riverside House Chiang Mai

North of Thailand



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