Laos travel tips, 8 reasons to go to Laos now. Laos travel tips!

Laos is definitely one of the nicest, but also one of the most undervalued countries in Asia. The country has become more popular in recent years, but many people prefer the neighboring countries of Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam over a visit to Laos. I would like to gi you Laos travel tips!

I give you 8 good reasons why you should go to Laos! Laos travel tips!


You can not fly directly to Laos from Europe and Laos has no beautiful islands like Koh Payam in Thailand or bounty beaches. There are only 7 million inhabitants living in Laos and it is one of the most sparsely populated countries throughout Asia. Traveling to this country means a step back in time and travelling in a pure and untouched country. Laos actually has no real highlights, but the whole country itself is an highlight.

Laos travel tips

1. The nature

Nature is very diverse and varies from high mountains with pristine jungle, green rice fields, vast rainforests, but also the mighty Mekong River is part of the amazing Laotian landscape. The scenery and views are beautiful in Laos! It is also convenient that Laos is not a very big country, which means that you have relatively small travel distances and not a great deal of time is needed to travel. Do not forget to admire one of the many amazing waterfalls.

Laos travel tips, 8 reasons to go to Laos now. Laos travel tips!

2. The many villages

Laos is a special place because it is a country where there are no big cities at all. The capital Vientiane is the quietest and most relaxed capital of all of Asia. The other somewhat larger city of Luang Prabang is the most beautiful city of the country with its many temples and colonial buildings. There are quite a lot of small and authentic villages, where you really go back in time. It is a relief to visit the many charming and authentic little villages.

3. The sweet people

The people in Southeast Asia are all very friendly, but the sweetest and most hospitable people in Southeast Asia are really the Laotians. Everywhere people are kindly smiling at you and I have not felt unsafe for a moment and they are always prepared to help you. In Laos few people speak English, but sometimes they speak French.

Laos travel tips, 8 reasons to go to Laos now. Laos travel tips!

4. The outdoor activities

All outdoor activities are possible and it makes it a land that is very suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, ziplining, mountain biking, jungle treks, kayaking, this can all be done in a great environment. Long-range hikes through the mountains can be made in several places.

5. The food

Food in Southeast Asia is delicious everywhere, except in the Philippines, but the Laotian cuisine is especially good. The national dish is the sticky rice, but there is plenty of choice. Laos has been a colony of France from 1893 to 1953. Due to this colonial past there are many bakeries and you can also enjoy delicious sandwiches and pastries.

Laos travel tips, 8 reasons to go to Laos now. Laos travel tips!

6. The peace

In Laos everything goes slow and with a certain serene rest that is delicious to experience. It really has its own slow pace and nowhere else in Southeast Asia the atmosphere is so relaxed, serene and authentic. This is noted in the hotels, restaurants and public transport. This slowness and comfort is wonderful to experience and perfect to relax.

7. No mass tourism

Of course there are more people traveling in Laos, but you do not encounter as many tourists as, for example, in Thailand and Vietnam. There are also no major hotels or resorts in Laos. Laos is still the pure Asia, where you will find places without tourists, ATMs or tarmac roads.

Laos travel tips, 8 reasons to go to Laos now. Laos travel tips!

8. Cheap destination

Laos is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia and this makes it a very cheap destination, where you really get value for your money. The accommodations, excursions, food and transport are all very well affordable.

These are my 8 reasons and tips to travel to Laos!

When is the best time to go?

The rainy season is from May to October and these are the least favorite months to visit this country. It is certainly not rainy all day, usually it’s an hour of hard rain and it is dry again afterwards. The temperature is good all year long, with March and April being the warmest months.


Laos national currency is the Kip and you can get them from the ATM in the bigger towns. But in the north of the country and in the countryside there are no ATMs. Here you can exchange money (euros, dollars, Thai Baht).

Does Laos seem like a nice travel destination to you? Do you have travel tips for Laos?

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