7x the best things to do in Ljubljana


The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana and this city is very nice to visit! It reads history, tradition, style, art and culture and breathes both a Middle European and a Mediterranean sea atmosphere. It is close to the most important Slovenian attractions, such as Lake Bled and the Slovenian coast. Ljubljana is a nice city for a city trip, but is also a nice starting point for your trip through Slovenia. Did you know that the name of the city means “the Beloved” and that it is one of the smallest European capitals? What are the best things to do in Ljubljana?

7x the best things to do in Ljubljana.


Ljubljana, when Slovenia was still part of Yugoslavia, was actually a typical Eastern block city and therefore a bit boring. But since the privatization in 1991, Ljubljana has grown into the beautiful and atmospheric capital of the Republic of Slovenia. The center has been refurbished and thanks to the many students the city has become pleasant and lively! More than 10,000 cultural events take place annually.

The city is modern and compact and a city with a relaxed atmosphere. The architecture is a beautiful harmonic blend of baroque, art nouveau and later architecture. It is also a green city with various parks and forest areas in the center. Honest is fair, Ljubljana is not a city with many highlights that you should have seen, but as far as I am concerned the experience of the city’s fine atmosphere.

Below I have described the 7 best things to do in Ljubljana!

best things Ljubljana, 7x the best things to do in Ljubljana

1. Stroll along the river Ljubljanica

One of the best things in Ljubljana is the long hours of strolling along the river that flows through the city. So you can sniff out the atmosphere of the city! There are pleasant terraces and restaurants everywhere along the river. In comparison with other places in Slovenia, the population in Ljubljana is young and there are many students on the terraces.

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2. Wander through the neighborhood of Metelkova

Metelkova in Ljubljana is a hip artists’ district full of street art, cool shops, small bars and it is the place for good parties. Metelkova is a neighborhood where you definitely have to walk through! What I particularly liked was the presence of cool street art. This gives this district a completely different atmosphere than the rest of the city!

best things Ljubljana, 7x the best things to do in Ljubljana

3. Admire the Ljubljanski Grad

The most beautiful view of the city you have from the tower of the Ljubljanski Grad castle. Wherever you are in the city, you can see the castle towering high above the city, on top of a mountain. You can walk up (I did not do this) or buy a ticket for a few euros and go up in one minute with the cable car. Here you have a wonderful view over the city! The castle itself is not super impressive, but the place where it is built!

best things Ljubljana, 7x the best things to do in Ljubljana

4. View Prešernov trg

The central square of Ljubljana is Prešernov trg and is named after the most famous Slovenian poet: France Prešeren. This square is a beautiful landmark and you will come back to this in one way or another every time. On the square are a number of beautiful buildings, such as the Maria-Messengers church from 1660, the Franciscan monastery, the Urbanc building and the Central Pharmacy. Around the square are the larger shopping streets with all the well-known chain stores.

best things Ljubljana, 7x the best things to do in Ljubljana

5. Find the dragon of Ljubljana

The symbol of the city is a dragon and at different places in Ljubljana you can see images of dragons. It is nice to pay extra attention to this. Also in the souvenir shops they sell various things with a dragon on it. There are several legends about the dragon and I have no idea why this has become the symbol of the city. You will find the largest dragon heads at the Dragon Bridge and here you will see rows of tourists to take a picture. So that’s what I did!

best things Ljubljana, 7x the best things to do in Ljubljana

6. Hang your lock on the love bridge

Well, every city now has a love bridge where you can hang clasps. In this city this is possible at the shoe makers bridge. It gives the bridge a different dimension and it really is full of clasps. In addition to the usual small locks, there are also several large bicycle locks on this bridge.

best things Ljubljana, 7x the best things to do in Ljubljana

7. Walk over Tromostovje: the three bridges

These unique three bridges of Ljubljana are fun to take a look at. The name Tromostovje also literally means a bridge that is made up of three parts. The first bridge was too small for pedestrians and instead of building a new bridge, they decided to build two bridges next to it. All three bridges come together at one point. Opposite these bridges is the tourist information office of Ljubljana and here you can get a map of the city.

These are mu 7 favorite things to do in Ljubljana! What are your favorite things to do in Ljubljana?

How to get to Ljubljana?

The city is about 25 kilometers away from the international airport. From the airport you can take the bus (45 minutes), minibus (half hour) or taxi to the city center. There are several parking places in the city where you can pay for parking. Near the park Tivoli is a parking lot that costs only a few euros for a whole day. From the parking lot it is about 10 minutes walk to the center of the city.

best things Ljubljana, 7x the best things to do in Ljubljana

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best things Ljubljana, 7x the best things to do in Ljubljana
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