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7 nice things to do in Ubud


Ubud is located in the interior of Bali an hour from Denpasar Airport and is a great gift and popular place to go for a few days. The city of Ubud adopts art, culture, nature and history. The surroundings of Ubud are incredibly green and everywhere you can see huge rice fields and palm trees. Unfortunately, Ubud is no longer the authentic and picturesque village that it was. Now you will see a lot of hotels, shops, restaurants and tourists. Still, Ubud has a certain charm and has an atmosphere that will keep you coming to Ubud. What are the things you have to do in Ubud?

I’ll tell you the seven best things to do in Ubud.

1. Take a swing on the Bali Swing

In 2017 the Bali Swing opened and this attraction is about a 20 minutes drive from Ubud. It’s a unique and great fun concept. For $35 per person, you can eat unlimited buffet food and drink as much as you like (no alcohol) and swing as many times as you like.

There are 5 swings and these are all different in height: one of 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m and 78m.

The tip is to start at the lowest swing and build it up to the highest swing. This is the nicest way, and also the least scary, because you get used to it slowly. The highest and last swing is so scary, but at the same time also so cool. You are going to be sorry if you do not try it. The view from all of the swings is phenomenal! Fortunately everything is professionally arranged and you are well protected on the swing. With ease you can spend a few hours here and get back to Ubud, full of adrenaline. An additional advantage is that part of the proceeds go to charity. This is for sure one of the best things to do in Ubud!

things to do Ubud, 7 nice things to do in Ubud

2. Cycle through the rice paddies

It’s great to take an organized bike ride through the rice fields in the vicinity of Ubud. This is the ideal way to get a peek at the Balinese culture. The guide tells you about the rice fields, the temples, the culture and about Bali itself. The bike ride is a total of 27 km and the whole bike ride is downhill, which means you do not have to climb. You put your hands more on brake than you use your legs to step.

You cycle through the rice fields and small villages and everywhere you see swinging children. Before the cycling you get a little breakfast with a view of Mount Batur and during the cycling they share water and you end the bike ride with lunch.

3. Visit the Tegenungan waterfall

The Tegenungan waterfall is a 15-minute drive from Ubud. From the parking lot there is a staircase of 165 steps down and then you are at the waterfall. It’s smart to go early in the morning, because there are not many tourists yet. If it rained very hard at day or night, this waterfall is full of mud and you can not take a refreshing dip, but the waterfall looks very rough. The entrance is Rp. 15.000 per person.

things to do Ubud, 7 nice things to do in Ubud

4. Hike the Campuhan Ridge Walk

This is a nice and free walk just outside the busy Ubud and you enjoy the peace and the wide view. The walk is about 2 kilometers, but back and forth on the same road. You can easily walk this without a guide, because the route is just following the path. The view on the way is beautiful and is a nice combination of jungle and beautiful rice fields. At the end is a small village with a few shops and cafés and you can take a break. The advice is not to be there at the hottest point of the day, as there is almost no shadow on this route. The starting and finishing point is next to the Pura Gunung Lebah temple. This hike is a one of the coolest things to do in Ubud!

things to do Ubud, 7 nice things to do in Ubud

5. Saraswati Temple

There are many temples in Ubud and several temples are worth visiting. My personal favorite temple, however, is the Saraswati Temple. This temple is a truly peaceful place in the crowds of Ubud. The temple is beautifully situated on a pond full of lotus flowers. But note, the temple is only open at ceremonies and so you often only see the outside of the temple. You can drink water and enjoy the peace and beautiful lotus pond and the entrance is free. Every evening, dance shows are done in front of the temple.

things to do Ubud, 7 nice things to do in Ubud

6. Spotting monkeys at Monkey Forest

In the center of Ubud lies this monkey forest and it is the most famous place in Ubud. This is a beautiful park and it is nice to see the monkeys everywhere. Although the Monkey Forest attractions are monkeys, it is a beautiful forest to walk through. There are beautiful old trees and some beautiful temples. The monkeys are very arrogant in this forest and when they think something can be gotten from you, they are on your neck. Around the forest there are a lot of monkeys on the street and if you have a hotel near the monkey forest, the monkeys are often also in the hotel’s garden. Visiting the Monkey Forest is one of the nice things to do in Ubud!

things to do Ubud, 7 nice things to do in Ubud

7. Cooking course

Indonesian food is delicious and you learn how to cook by a cooking course. There are several places in Ubud where you can follow authentic Balinese cooking classes. During the cooking course, you first go to the local market to get the ingredients and get to know the products you cook. You learn to perform all the preparation techniques, such as cutting. The recipes you can bring home so you can prepare it by yourself again!

Tip: Another great thing to do in Ubud is visiting the Goa Gajah elephant cave. I didn’t have enough time to see this unique cave, but when I come back to Ubud I will visit it for sure!

These are my 7 favorite things to do in Ubud! What are your favorite things to do in Ubud?

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things to do Ubud, 7 nice things to do in Ubud

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