6x what you should not do on a trip!

not do on trip, 6x what you should not do on a trip!

I want to share a few things that I have learned through the many journeys I’ve made. The things you should not do on a trip! But I have to admit that I have done a few things that I have written in this blog, years ago. I did not think about naivety, ignorance or because I was impulsive. I think it’s important to share this so that you do not make the same mistakes.

6x what you should not do on a trip!

1. Not complying with the local dress code

I often see travelers walking around in clothing that is much too exposed and with this you show total disrespect for the country and culture where you are a guest. In a country like Iran you do not escape wearing a headscarf, but in other countries, such as Thailand and India, the dress code may be slightly less clear, but that does not mean that they are non-existent.

Look well in advance what is acceptable and then keep to it as much as possible. Not doing so during travel means not respecting the local dress code!

not do on trip, 6x what you should not do on a trip!

2. Not behaving respectfully at temples

Unfortunately, I regularly see in the news, such as recently at the temples of Bagan, reports about travelers who misbehave at temples. The result is that you are arrested by the police for showing certain parts of the body or turning on or off music. These examples from the news are of course extreme situations, but it is also in small things. In this respect, you must show respect and you must therefore comply with the dress code.

So behave in accordance with the rules when you visit a temple, a sacred place, and be aware of your behavior.

I like to share the rules you have to keep in mind when visiting a Buddhist temple:

  • Your clothes: cover your shoulders and your legs.
  • Do not sit with your feet towards the Buddha statue.
  • Always enter the temple barefoot.
  • If you are in the temple with your lover, do not kiss or embrace each other.
  • Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke in the temple.

not do on trip, 6x what you should not do on a trip!

3. Take photos in places where it is not allowed

What you should not do on a trip is to take pictures in places where it is not allowed. Remember that in general it is not allowed to photograph in the following places:
• airports
• military or religious objects
• embassies
• government buildings
• holy places

Photographing in museums is also often prohibited because of the copyright or to protect the old objects from the flash. Sometimes you have to pay first before you can take a picture of something, but this is indicated. Sometimes it is not appropriate to take photographs at ceremonies and temples. Also realize that there are peoples who believe that taking a picture damages a piece of their soul. If in doubt, always ask permission first.

not do on trip, 6x what you should not do on a trip!

4. Driving without an international driver’s license

Many travelers think that if they rent a scooter in it Thailand or Bali that they can drive around relaxed and do not suffer from the police. But nothing is less true, as a tourist you are often taken away by the police. You can often rent a scooter without submitting your driving license, but in many countries you must be in possession of an international driving license. If not, you will be guaranteed a fine or other problems. The consequences when you cause an accident are incalculable and the police will often ask higher fines.

Do not go on a trip and rent a scooter without a driver’s license!

not do on trip, 6x what you should not do on a trip!

5. Do these activities with animals

• Get on an elephant. The animals are brutally tamed for these tourist trips.
• Walk with cubs. These animals are taken very young to their mother to get used to people and what happens to them afterwards is unknown.
• Go on a photo with a tiger, monkey or other wild animal. These animals are often drugged and only survive for a few years.
• Give money to snake charmers. The snake gets too little to eat and the fangs are ripped out.
• Touch a sea turtle. While snorkeling you can encounter them underwater, but touching them is not good for them. Let them swim!
• Visit a crocodile farm. Often the crocodiles in these farms are bred for their meat and their leather skin.
• Swimming with dolphins. The dolphins have no freedom and have to perform all sorts of tricks. Many dolphins suffer from emotional trauma and have a much shorter life than in the wild.

not do on trip, 6x what you should not do on a trip!
6. Bring wrong souvenirs home

Souvenirs that come from animals can be made from protected species and these are prohibited and illegal. This may apply to, for example, a crocodile leather bag or a fur scarf or a piece of ivory. Coral and shells are also protected and you can only bring small shells or small pieces of coral (<3 centimeters). If you have any doubts then you can check at the airport whether you can take back the shells.

I hope that after reading this blog you are more aware of the things that you should not do on a trip!

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