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6 things about Australia you might not know

things about Australia

From magical vistas to glossy city centres and gorgeous, sun-kissed beaches, Australia is where globetrotters come to live their wildest dreams. A land surrounded by serene blue seas and quirky little islands, the continent is packed to the brim with everything that makes for a truly memorable holiday. The weather here is mostly great and every remote corner is riddled with pockets of stunning wildlife. But did you know that Australia is also home to some of the world’s top unusual sights and experiences?

Here are a few amazing things about Australia you might not know.

1. Pink lakes

Hard to believe and impossible to forget, Australia’s pink lakes are truly a sight that you can’t afford to miss. These lakes are home to countless varieties of bacteria, which gives them their unique pink hue. The most famous of these lakes, Lake Hillier, is an irresistible destination featuring gentle rose coloured waters, milky shores and a safe swimming environment. You’ll find these lakes in Western Australia, if you can brave the long journey to get to them.

2. The world’s largest sand island

Fraser Island in Australia is the largest sand island found anywhere on the planet. Visit this mind-boggling destination to feast your eyes on picture-perfect beaches, beautiful sand cliffs and rainforests growing out of bare sand.

things about Australia, 6 things about Australia you might not know

3. A shark-infested golf course

The lake at Brisbane’s Carbrook Golf Club in Australia plays host to a number of unusual guests – bullsharks, happily swimming around in the lake’s watery depths. Bullsharks are one of nature’s most aggressive shark species, but that certainly hasn’t stopped adventurous tourists from golfing to their heart’s content here. So get all your important travel necessities together and come down here for some adrenaline pumping golfing action.

4. Stunning limestone formations

Travel to the town of Cervantes in Western Australia to lose yourself in an ethereal realm of limestone spires, also known as the Pinnacles. A historical and mesmerising desertscape, the Pinnacles is one of Australia’s more curious attractions that’s well and truly wrapped in mystery. Walk among these stunning formations to better appreciate the aboriginal culture while listening to whispers of ancient secrets on the desert wind.

things about Australia, 6 things about Australia you might not know

5. Ghost towns

Looking for a different kind of adventure in Australia? Well, if a little bit of suspense and horror is what you need, then you’ll definitely find it in Port Arthur town, Tasmania. This is a World Heritage listed site and is said to be the most haunted tourist stop on the continent. Sights to see here include lots of ancient buildings – prisons, torture chambers, hospitals and more. Visitors can learn all about the town’s history and even go on Ghost Tours after sunset.

6. Massive craters

Explore Australia’s lesser-known beauty with a trip to the Wolfe Creek Crater National Park. Almost perfectly circular and beautifully preserved, this crater is one of the most awe-inspiring sights you’ll see anywhere. The Wolfe Creek Crater is the second largest crater in the world and offers many great activities for visitors to indulge in, such as photography, walking and air safaris.

things about Australia, 6 things about Australia you might not know

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