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The 6 best things to do in Kashan, Iran


Kashan is a medium sized city in central Iran. Visiting Kashan is definitely worthwhile. The old center of this traditional city has retained most of its typical desert architecture. Kashan is about a 3-hour drive from Tehran at the edge of the desert, along the old silk road. What are the best things to do in Kashan, Iran?

What are the 6 best things you can do in this desert city Kashan in Iran?

1. Hammam-e Sultan Mir Ahmed

This is a traditional Iranian public bathhouse, built in the 16th century. The interior is decorated with turquoise tiles and many artistic wall paintings. The roof of the bathhouse consists of multiple domes. Don’t forget to get on the roof, as you will be rewarded with a great view over Kashan. The bathhouse is one of the most extensive, beautiful and preserved bathhouses in Iran.


2. Agha Bozorg mosque

The Agha Bozorg mosque has been built in the 18t century and is in situated in Kashan’s center. This mosque is quite a beautiful looking mosque and definitely worth a visit during the day or late at night. The mosque doesn’t charge and entrance fee. What is remarkable at this touristic sight, is the fact that you can take pictures with no other people on it. The location is great, amidst all he twisty streets of old Kashan. A very serene place.


3. Desert

It’s easy to arrange various excursions to the Marajab desert from Kashan. It could be a day tour or an overnight tour. Because we were short on time, we opted for a 30-dollar day tour. This took is through the desert for hours with several stops along the way. It was very beautiful and didn’t meet anyone else during all those hours in the desert. The Maranjab desert has a salt lake, which makes for a pretty sight. We watched the sunset from a caravanserai and it was breathtakingly beautiful. A desert tour is definitely recommended!


4. Aran va Bid Gol Mosque

At about 10 km from Kashan you’ll find the city of Aran Va Bid Gol. The touristic sight of this little city is its magnificent mosque. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful mosques in all of Iran. The colors are remarkable and are looking to come from a thousand-and-one-night fairytale. I’ve never seen any other mosque like it! The accompanying cemetery for martyrs is interesting as well. This mosque shouldn’t be missed!! It’s required to wear a chador, but you’ll get one for free at the entrance.


5. Traditional merchant houses

There are several restored houses of rich merchants in Kashan. These noble house ooze wealth and luxury, originating from ancient silk route times. Stunning paintings, lovely courtyards, remarkable facades and unique frameworks. These houses are worth a visit. Recommendations are the Tabatadei House and the Borujerdi House. Note: you can buy one entrance ticket which will gain you access to several houses as well as the hammam.


6. Abyaneh

The traditional village of Abyaneh is on the world heritage list. Abyaneh is a picturesque mountain village in central Iran. The red houses are beautifully hidden at the foot of the Karkas mountain. The hospitable people live a traditional live. Only 350 people live here and all are 50 years or older and dressed in their own traditional costumes. The Abyaneh village is about an hour drive from Kashan. There are no regular bus lines, which makes you dependent on taxis to get there. It could be busy with tourists sometimes.


These are the best things to do in Kashan, Iran! What do you think are the best things to do in Kashan, Iran?

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