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5x why I think Croatia should be your next destination


Croatia is a country that I think has everything to offer for a very nice vacation. I think it is a very versatile holiday destination on the Mediterranean coast with great beaches, a beautiful nature and a rich cultural history. The various cities in the country all have their own character and that also means that Croatia has many different faces to it. I think Croatia is a great and unique mix of Central European, Mediterranean and Eastern European influences. Why should Croatia be your next travel destination?

I give you 5 reasons why Croatia should be your next travel destination!

1. The history and culture

I find the rich history of the country interesting and special because of the many historic buildings, the old churches, the ruined fortresses, the ruins, the beautiful castles and the many villages where time stood still. For example, in the city of Split you go back more than 1,700 years to Roman times and the historical core of this city is on the Unesco World Heritage list.

I also find Dubrovnik with its narrow streets and many squares picturesque and the inner city is a treat for the eye. The city of Zadar is even more than 3,000 years old and has a wealth of historical heritage with a beautiful Roman forum and the Romanesque church of St. Donatus. Porec even has a street plan dating back to the Roman Empire and the basilica of Euphrasius from the 6th century is impressive.

Moreover, you will encounter several museums in Croatia with Roman excavations and remains from a period hundreds to thousands of years ago. All this ensures that Croatia has an enormous treasure of cultural heritage! And why Croatia should be your next travel destination!

Croatia next destination, 5x why I think Croatia should be your next destination

2. The great landscapes

I find the landscapes in Croatia very varied with endless fields, rolling hills, steep mountains, many vineyards and with a rare flora and fauna. In total, Croatia has 8 national parks and 11 nature parks. All these parks are unique and breathtakingly beautiful and Croatia is blessed with, I think, the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe.

So I find the lakes of Plitvice a must because of the many huge waterfalls and the special colors and that makes Plitvice incredibly beautiful. Also the Krka park is certainly worth a visit because of the various waterfalls and the cool thing is that you can also swim in the refreshing water.

Croatia next destination, 5x why I think Croatia should be your next destination

3. The beaches

I think the coast in Croatia is of an exceptional beauty that you rarely see in Europe. Croatia is good for some 8,000 kilometers of coastline and also has more than 2,500 hours of sun per year. This means Croatia is in the highest category of sunny hours in Europe. The nice thing is that you will find popular beaches with numerous facilities in the various nice harbor places, but there are also a lot of small beaches that have hardly been discovered by tourists.

On the Croatian beaches you really feel like you’re at an exotic holiday destination. The atmosphere in the seaside resorts is pleasant!. Several places have a lovely boulevard, where you can enjoy the best cocktails and the tastiest dishes. Many terraces look out to sea and so you have the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

Croatia next destination, 5x why I think Croatia should be your next destination

4. Active holidays

There are plenty of opportunities in Croatia to undertake active things. Very nice as a change to a day at the beach or a day of culture. The coast and the waters ensure that Croatia is an ideal country for sailing, diving, windsurfing and kite surfing. The many mountain ranges are suitable for lovers of hiking and climbing. Istria has a large network of well-maintained bike paths. In Dalmatia you can go mountain biking and you can also raft on various rivers.

5. No mass tourism

Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination and as a result, more and more tourists are coming to Croatia. But Croatia wants to keep its authentic character. Because of that there are a lot of restrictions with, for example, the construction of new hotels on the coast to protect the coastline. There are plenty of places to relax and experience the real Croatian life and this will remain so.

Croatia next destination, 5x why I think Croatia should be your next destination

These are my reasons why Croatia should be your next travel destination! Is Croatia your next travel destination?

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