5x the best food spots in Ljubljana


I already wrote about the 7x the best things to do in Ljubljana. The capital of Slovenia is definitely worth a visit, especially now that you can fly to Ljubljana for very cheap. Food and travel blogger Anne from Anne Travel Foodie tells you the best 5 food spots in Ljubljana.

These 5 best food spots in Ljubljana all offer different things, but are all a delicious stop for a nice meal or snack.

1. Vigo Ice cream

You can’t leave Ljubljana without enjoying some delicious ice-cream at least once. They often refer to Ljubljana as the “ice cream capital of the world”. You can find a couple of amazing ice salons such as Cacao and Gelateria Romantika. But my absolute favourite is Vigo. A Slovenian friend, who has been living in Ljubljana his entire life, recommended Vigo to me. They have a lot of different ice cream flavours and a tap which dispenses chocolate sauce.

food spots in Ljubljana, 5x the best food spots in Ljubljana

2. Barbarella Arkade Bistro

To make up for the delicious ice cream, you can go Barbarella Arkade Bistro for a healthy lunch. Here you can order a nice sandwich for a very good price. They also have different vegan and gluten free options. You can order the gluten free avocado toast for example, or order a healthy smoothie bowl. The bistro is pretty small, but in case of good weather, you can nicely sit on the terrace outside.

food spots in Ljubljana, 5x the best food spots in Ljubljana
Barbarella Arkade Bistro


Not having a big appetite, but in the mood for some small snacks and drinks? TOZD would be the perfect choice. Here, you can order delicious snacks and during the summer you can sit on a comfy terrace. They have different sorts of tapas plateaus which you can share with others. Are you in Ljubljana when it’s cold? Then you can go to TOZD for a good cup of coffee. They serve their own cold brew coffee named Ruster. You can also bring a bottle of this for in your hotel room or for you to bring back home.

food spots in Ljubljana, 5x the best food spots in Ljubljana

4. Abi Falafel

I really love falafel and I have been eating falafel in dozens of countries. In Ljubljana, Abi Falafel is my favourite. You have to walk down a narrow street, but you will get delicious Arab food in return. They have a falafel sandwich with pita bread, falafel, hummus, mixed salad and tahini. But they also serve various dishes with Arab specialties. Still room for some dessert? Then I would definitely recommend Abi Falafel’s baklava.

food spots in Ljubljana, 5x the best food spots in Ljubljana
Abi Falafel

5. Le Petit Cafe

Is breakfast not included with your hotel in Ljubljana? Not a problem! Le Petit Café is an amazing place for breakfast. You imagine yourself being in Paris when you’re sitting here on a terrace whilst enjoying your Croque Monsieur. You can find all breakfast classics on Le Petit Café’s menu, from omelettes to Eggs Benedict. The house-made granola with dried fruits and seeds is also recommended.

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food spots in Ljubljana, 5x the best food spots in Ljubljana
Le Petit Cafe

These are the best food spots in Ljubljana! Do you know more food spots in Ljubljana?


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