The 5 best places to shop in Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai is a great city for shopping! Of course, the whole of Thailand is one big shop walhalla for the lovers, but I think Chiang Mai is the perfect place to shop! There is so much choice and so much diversity that everything is for sale in this city. It is also the cheapest place in Thailand for shopping! Are you looking for souvenirs, clothing, fake products or the real brands? You find this all in abundance here. For an afternoon, forget about the temples and the other attractions of Chiang Mai and go shopping! But what are the best places to shop in Chiang Mai?

I share my 5 best places to shop in Chiang Mai with you.

Chiang Mai

I have been in Chiang Mai for almost two weeks and secretly I have shopped a lot. From Chiang Mai I flew back to the Netherlands, so I filled my suitcase with various purchases. I love to stroll around the stalls and see what kind of beauty and special things they sell. I have also been to the various shopping centers, because a visit to the H&M, Mango and Zara is certainly part of me.

The 5 best places to shop in Chiang Mai

1. The Night Market

The night market in Chiang Mai is world famous and of course this is not without reason. Every evening, a number of streets are built on the side of the road and the stalls are put together and all items are neatly displayed. The night market only sells locally produced products. For hours you can wander around here and be amazed about what is being sold.

Clothing, souvenirs, bags, shoes, slippers, wallets, lamps, scarves, art, toys. You really find it all!

It is important to bid for everything you buy, even if there are prices listed for the products. The night market starts at 6 pm and at 11 pm the many stalls are all broken down again. I have been here every night and have, among other things, bought a beautiful lamp and a cool handbag. The nice thing is that there are also various food stalls and stalls with fresh juices on the market, making it also a sort of large open-air restaurant. The night market must be at nr 1 in the list with best places to shop in Chiang Mai!

best places shop Chiang Mai, The 5 best places to shop in Chiang Mai

2. Warorot Market

In the middle of the heart of the Chinatown lies this large and partly covered market. This market starts every day early in the morning and closes at 18:00. Here it is a complete chaos with various stalls and many people who are crawling through it. I always find this entertaining and characteristic of a Chinatown anywhere in the world.

The good thing about this market is that the items are cheaper than in the rest of Chiang Mai, like on the night market for example.

Here you will find the cheapest souvenirs and there is plenty of choice. Many stalls sell various food items and stuff from China, of which I had no idea what it really was. The walk to the market goes through Chinatown and this part of the city is completely different from the rest. I’ve looked my eyes out and bought dirt-cheap souvenirs, including some brightly colored wallets to hand out to friends at home.

best places shop Chiang Mai, The 5 best places to shop in Chiang Mai

3. Maya Shopping Center

This is the largest shopping center in Chiang Mai and it is in the part of the city called Nimmanahaemin. This is the new part of Chiang Mai and everything looks more modern here and I think it looks a bit western. The long street Nimmanahaemin has several trendy restaurants and coffee bars and at the end is the shopping center. Here you can find various well-known chain stores, such as the H&M, Mango and Zara. They sell no counterfeit goods and no souvenirs in this shopping center. There is also a food court. The streets around the shopping center are also very nice to walk through and are full of cool shops.

best places shop Chiang Mai, The 5 best places to shop in Chiang Mai

4. The Sunday market

Every Sunday evening two streets in the old center of Chiang Mai are closed for traffic and then the Sunday market takes place. This market is super cozy and offers a very wide variety of products. The streets are full of stalls and the temples on this street are full of stalls with food, drinks and various products on Sunday evening. Various musicians and artists are present on the street, for example, who paint a portrait of you. The Sunday market is a lot smaller than the night market and because of this it can be quite busy.

best places shop Chiang Mai, The 5 best places to shop in Chiang Mai

5. Festival Plaza

I find this a very nice shopping center where you can shop in the various famous chain stores. The prices are all slightly lower than in the Netherlands and here I bought clothes at the H&M and Mango. On the top floor is a whole electronics department where you can go for cameras, telephones and all necessary accessories. There is not much else to do near this shopping center.

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These are the 5 best places to shop in Chiang Mai. What do you think are the best places to shop in Chiang Mai?

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