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27 fun facts about South Korea


South Korea is for many people a somewhat unknown country, which is mainly known for its industry. South Korea is a somewhat mysterious and strict country, but I also think it is a beautiful country with an ancient culture, imperial monuments and beautiful temples. There are so many fun facts avout South Korea.

Curious about the mysterious South Korea? I give you 27 fun facts about the special country South Korea!

Facts about South Korea

It is also the country where the Olympic Winter Games toke place in 2018. It is a country in Asia with the capital Seoul and is located on the Korean peninsula and borders only North Korea via land. The best thing about the country is the mix of modern and traditional and in the bustling city of Seoul I have done countless nice things! 27 fun facts about South Korea!

1. The country has only existed since 1945, after it became independent from Japan.

2. It has about 3,000 islands, of which Jeju is the largest island.

3. South Korea is 70% mountain landscape. The highest mountain is the Hallasan with a top of 1950 meters.

4. The average delay of the metro is a few seconds.

5. The most famous South Korean is Psy. He is the creator of the world hit Gangnam Style.

South Korea facts, 27 fun facts about South Korea

6. There are only four different surnames: Kim, Lee, Park, Choi or Chung.

7. When you are born in South Korea, you are immediately one year old.

8. Religion hardly plays a role, because 46% of South Koreans say they are not religious.

9. The national flower is Mugunghwa (Hibiscus Syriacus).

10. About 50 million people live in this country.

South Korea facts, 27 fun facts about South Korea

11. Samsung is a South Korean company and therefore the nickname is the Samsung Republic.

12. In South Korea you can find the fastest internet in the world.

13. North and South Korea are one of the few countries that have been at war for a long time.

14. It is the 109th country in the world in terms of area.

15. In 2010, South Korea was the first Asian country to participate in the G20.

South Korea facts, 27 fun facts about South Korea

16. The national dish is Kimchi and of this there are 250 different types. This dish consists of cabbage and vegetables.

17. There is a public holiday every fourteenth of the month.

18. The shoes are removed when you enter a house or restaurant.

19. More than 50% of Korean vocabulary is derived from Chinese.

20. The South Korean flag has a number of symbols: red is Yang, blue is Yin and the four symbols around it represent heaven, earth, water and fire.

South Korea facts, 27 fun facts about South Korea

21. In 1988 the Olympic summer games were in Seoul and in 2002 South Korea organized the world championships football together with Japan.

22. Well-known South Korean brands are Kia, Hyundai, LG and Daewoo.

23. Taekwondo has its origins in South Korea.

24. 3% of the population is overweight.

25. It is a republic and the president is directly elected by the people every 5 years.

26. 20% of South Korean men regularly do makeup and they spend 900 million dollars annually on this.

27. In South Korea they write a name with red ink if the person is deceased or dying.

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Does South Korea seem like an interesting country to visit? These are my 27 fun facts about South Korea! do you have more fun facts about South Korea?

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South Korea facts, 27 fun facts about South Korea

South Korea

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