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25 fun facts about Mexico


I find Mexico a country with fascinating ancient cultures, colorful festivals, pearly white beaches and good food. I think it’s a wonderful country where I’ve been twice. The country is full of interesting historical sites, but also for nature lovers it is a beautiful country to visit. You will find volcanoes, lagoons, tropical animals and marshes. What are fun facts about Mexico?

Read 25 fun facts about Mexico right here!

25 fun facts about Mexico

1. The capital is Mexico City and this is the largest city in the world.

2. 25 million people live in Mexico City alone.

3. The country is about sixty times as large as the Netherlands.

4. The largest length (north-south) is 1363 km and the largest width (east-west) is 1920 km.

5. The country is the 14th largest country in the world in terms of area.

6. In 2017  had 12the country 4.574.795 inhabitants.

7. The official name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States).

facts Mexico, 25 fun facts about Mexico

8. 90 percent of the Mexican population is Roman Catholic.

9. It’s the most populated Spanish-speaking country in the world.

10. People speak Spanish with a heavy accent, which makes it difficult to understand, even if you speak Spanish.

11. Mexicans are very proud of their 176 different types of orchids.

facts Mexico, 25 fun facts about Mexico

12. The border between Mexico and the United States is the second longest border in the world.

13. The number of divorces is the lowest of the world.

14. The migration of the monarch butterfly is very special. Every winter, millions of these butterflies fly thousands of kilometers away from the United States and Canada to nestle in the mountains of the state of Michoacan.

15. The nickname is the “Land of the Maya”.

16. Every state has its own constitution and taxes.

facts Mexico, 25 fun facts about Mexico

17. Worldwide there are 6.000 species of cacti and 4.000 of this number is present in the country.

18. The Mexicans usually don’t like to be photographed because they believe the camera is looking into their souls.

19. The most popular sport is football and this is followed by baseball and boxing.

20. It’s the world’s largest producer of silver.

21. The deepest ravine of the North American subcontinent is in Mexico. This is the Copper Canyon National Park.

facts Mexico, 25 fun facts about Mexico

22. There are 58 national parks.

23. The chihuahua is named after a Mexican city and is originally a Mexican creature. In the nineteenth century the chihuahua only existed in Mexico.

24. In Mexico, in addition to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you also celebrate Children’s Day, teachers’ day, taxi driver’s day, economics day, etc.

25. The normal way of greeting is shaking hands.

These are my 25 fun facts about Mexico! Do you have more fun facts about Mexico?


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