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25 fun facts about the Philippines


Traveling in the Philippines is great and this country must be on your bucket list! In the Philippines I have been lazing on the most beautiful white beaches of Southeast Asia and I have made the coolest boat trips! I thought I was in Expedition Robinson for a while because of the breathtaking and pure beauty of all the islands! “It’s more fun in the Philippines” is the famous slogan of the Philippines and I agree with this completely! What are some fun facts about the Philippines?

I have 25 fun facts about the Philippines for you!

1. The Philippines consist of 7,107 different islands, of which only 2,000 are inhabited and nearly 5,000 islands are uninhabited and these uninhabited islands also have no name.

2. The many islands are located in the South China Sea, the Philippines Sea, Suluzee, Celebes Sea and the Straits of Luzon.

3. The country has 36,289 kilometers of coastline and is in fifth place for the longest coastline in the world.

4. About 175 languages are spoken in the Philippines. The official language of the country is Filipino.

facts Philippines, 25 fun facts about the Philippines

5. It’s the only country in the world whose flag is upside-down when the country is at war. If the color red is at the top then the country is at war and in peacetime the color blue is at the top.

6. Manila, the capital, is the most densely populated city in the world. The population density is 43,079 persons per square kilometer.

7. The country has a population of more than 90 million people and is growing at around 2% per year, making it the fastest growing country in the world.

8. It’s the only country in Asia where the majority of the population, 80%, is Roman Catholic.

facts Philippines, 25 fun facts about the Philippines

9. It was the first country in Southeast Asia to become independent after the Second World War in 1945.

10. It has a population of more than 100 million people, making it the 12th most populous country in the world.

11. About 11% of the population works overseas. The Philippines is the top provider of nurses in the world with about 25% of all overseas nurses.

12. The people are very active on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. They have been declared the world’s greatest lovers of selfies.

13. The city of Makati City has been crowned the “selfie capital of the world” with 258 selfies taken per 100,000 people.

facts Philippines, 25 fun facts about the Philippines

14. Karaoke was invented in the Philippines and not Japan as many people think.

15. This country has the highest rate of discovery of new animal species with 16 new species of mammals in the last 10 years.

16. Three shopping centers in the country are located in the top 10 of the largest shopping centers in the world.

17. Jeepneys are a unique form of transport in the Philippines. Jeepneys are army jeeps of the US Army who remained behind in the country after the Second World War.

18. It’s the world’s largest exporter of coconuts and tropical fruits, such as papaya and mango’s.

19. It’s home to the longest snake in the world: the Python reticulatus. This snake can be more than 8 meters.

facts Philippines, 25 fun facts about the Philippines

20. The number 13 is an unlucky number in the country and in the Philippines people rarely sit at the table with 13 people.

21. It is very rude to open gifts immediately after receiving them.

22. The Cone gloriamus is the rarest and most expensive seashell in the world and is one of the 12,000 species of shells found in the Philippines. These shells are sold for $5,000 each.

facts Philippines, 25 fun facts about the Philippines

23. The yo-yo was invented by a Filipino American and the name yo-yo comes from the Filipino language and means “come back”.

24. Jellyfish Lake in the Philippines contains more than 13 million jellyfish.

25. The most active Typhoon season was in 1993 when 19 typhoons raged across the country. The highest wind speed for a typhoon ever measured in the Philippines is 320 km/h.

These are my fan facts about the Philippines! Do you have more fun facts about the Philippines?


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