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22 fun facts about the Netherlands


The Netherlands is the land of clogs, tulips and windmills. Right? That is what many tourists might think. But the Netherlands is much more than this! What are nice facts about the Netherlands?

22 fun facts about the Netherlands

1. The Dutch national anthem The Wilhelmus is the oldest national anthem in the world and dates back to the 16th century. In the national anthem the Dutch king speaks about his German blood and describes his loyalty to the Spanish crown.

2. King Willem-Alexander was the first Dutch king in 123 years. He was crowned in April 2013, after his mother, Queen Beatrix, resigned and thus ended three generations of female rule since 1890.

3. The Dutch were the first in the world to legalize gay marriage. Since 2001 gay marriage has been legal in the Netherlands.

4. Dutch men are the longest in the world with a length of 182.5 cm. The Dutch women are second on the list with an average length of 1.69 cm. Researchers say that this is due to the Dutch DNA and the environmental factors such as health care and nutrition (specifically the heavy consumption of dairy products).

5. Almost 80 percent of all flower bulbs in the world come from the Netherlands. Most of them are tulips and this makes the Netherlands the largest exporter of tulips. 13. Tulips, however, are not originally Dutch, but were imported from Turkey in the 16th century.

facts The Netherlands, 22 fun facts about the Netherlands

6. The Netherlands is the lowest situated country in Europe and 26 percent of the Netherlands is below sea level. About 60 percent of the population live at 5 meters below sea level.

7. The highest point is the Vaalserberg which is located 322 meters above sea level and the lowest point is Zuidplaspolder with seven meters below sea level. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is three meters below sea level.

8. The Netherlands has the highest population density in Europe (not counting countries that are only a few kilometers in size). The Dutch population density is estimated at around 500 people per square kilometer.

9. There are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands and Dutch people cycle an average of 2.9 km per day.

10. Cycling in the Netherlands is the safest place in the world. This is due to the excellent bicycle lanes and that cyclists generally have the same respect as cars.

facts The Netherlands, 22 fun facts about the Netherlands

11. Dutch artists are world famous with artists such as Vermeer, Rembrandt and van Gogh.

12. The Dutch have introduced the orange carrot to the world. Dutch growers developed the orange carrot in the 16th century.

13. Despite the fact that the flag is red, white and blue, orange is the national color of the country.

14. 86% of the Dutch speak English as a second language. All Dutch children learn English at school.

15. The Dutch have been wearing wooden shoes since the Middle Ages and eventually they became the symbol of Dutch culture. Today everyone wears normal shoes and the clogs are mainly a tourist souvenir.

facts The Netherlands, 22 fun facts about the Netherlands

16. The Netherlands is informally referred to as Holland, but the Netherlands is the right name. The name “Holland” is officially used when referring to two specific provinces of the Netherlands: North-Holland and South-Holland.

17. In the Netherlands, an average of 74 liters of beer is consumed per year.

18. Dutch people eat the most licorice in the world with an average consumption of 2 kilos per person per year.

19. Gin was invented in the Netherlands under the name of Jenever. It was sold as a medicine in the 16th century.

20. The microscope, the telescope, the pendulum clock and the mercury thermometer are all Dutch inventions.

facts The Netherlands, 22 fun facts about the Netherlands

21. The Dutch company Philips is the inventor of the audio tape (in 1967), the videotape (in 1972), the Compact Disk (in 1982) and the CD-ROM (in 1985).

22. There are 1180 windmills in the Netherlands.

These are fun facts about the Netherlands. Do you have any nice facts about the Netherlands?

facts The Netherlands, 22 fun facts about the Netherlands

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