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18 fun facts about Bali


Bali is known as one of the most charming and exotic islands in the world. It has everything to offer, from untouched beaches, an interesting culture to various attractions. This is a list of fun facts for people who wish to go to Bali.

18 fun facts about Bali!

18 fun facts about Bali

1. The most expensive coffee in the world is from Bali. This coffee is called Kopi Luwak and is made from the beans of the digestion of the Civat Cat. The Civat cat does not digest the bean.

2. When thinking about the beaches in Bali you’d probably think of white beaches and clear blue sea. While there are some stunning beaches like that around the island, there are some with black sand instead! These beaches are covered with black sand which is coming from the cooled down lava of the volcano.

3. Bali is a popular tourist destination and the economy of the island depends on tourism for about 80%. The hotels and restaurants are the biggest forms of industry when it comes to income.

4. Most Balinese inhabitants speak 3 languages: Balinese, Indonesian and English.

5. Balinese babies are being carried around the first few months of their lives and this is because they are not allowed to touch the ground. The babies are considered little angels and the connection to the spirit world is being uphold by not touching the ground. When the time has come for them to actually touch the ground, a big ceremony is being held.

facts Bali, 18 fun facts about Bali

6. Another big ceremony is being held when a Balinese person enters puberty. The tooth filing ceremony. This ceremony symbolizes three things: coming of age, the transition from animal to human and controlling the 6 human evils (desire, greed, anger, confusion and jealousy).

7. Most Balinese people have one of these four names: Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut. It simply means “first born”, “second born”, “third born” and “fourth born”.

8. The Indonesian waters are the home of around 3000 different kinds of fish. That’s double the amount of fish which you will find in the Great Barrier Reef!

9. Nyepi day is a unique festival and is only being celebrated in Bali. During this festival, the entire island is on lockdown and work, traveling or even making noise is not allowed.

10 Bali is in Indonesia and Indonesia is a predominantly Islamic island. However, most of the Balinese people are Hindu.

facts Bali, 18 fun facts about Bali

11. The Balinese calendar only counts 210 days. Traditionally, they follow a calendar which has its origins in Hindu religion.

12. It’s pretty amazing that every priest from each religion in Bali is being paid by the government.

13. Bali only has two seasons: dry season (from April until October) and wet season (from October until April).

14. In the north of Bali, you’re able to spot dolphins and you will be able to spot 15 different kinds of dolphins.

15. You will find that in mouse households on Bali, people keep pets such as dogs, cats, birds, cows, pigs and even chickens. Most pets are being kept purely for fun.

facts Bali, 18 fun facts about Bali

16. There are several nicknames for Bali: “The Island of Peace”, “The Island of Love”, “Morning of the World”, “The Island of Hinduism” and “The Island of Gods”.

17. Mount Batur and Mount Agung are two active volcanoes on Bali.

18. Dance is an important part of Balinese religion and culture. These dance and performances are part of each ritual in Bali and are all about the dedication of the local inhabitants towards their gods.

These are my fun facts about Bali! Do you have more fun facts about Bali?

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facts Bali, 18 fun facts about Bali


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