Here are 15 of the coolest things you just have to do in Myanmar! Myanmar is a beautiful country with many things to see and experience. Culture, temples, cities, beaches, nature and the hospitable population are what makes Myanmar an increasingly more popular destination. The country is not yet crowded with tourists, and that is why we recommend you to soon make a visit. What are the things to do in Myanmar?

What are the things do in Myanmar? I have drawn up my top 15 of things you should not miss!

1. Bagan balloon ride. Flying over the Bagan temple complex is a magical and unforgettable experience! Watching the sunrise from a balloon means one hour of enjoying one of the most beautiful views in the world.

2. Bagan. Bagan is an area in Myanmar spanning 42km² filled with temples. There are over 4400 temples! The temples emerging everywhere in this area give you a fantastic impression of all riches this area must have radiated almost a thousand years ago.

3. The U Bein-bridge. This is a pedestrian bridge at Amarapura, about a 45 minutes drive from Mandalay. The best time to visit this bridge is during sunset. Hundreds of villagers and monks commute back and forth across the bridge.

things to do Myanmar, 15 things you have to do in Myanmar

4. Maha Ganayon Kyaung monastery. West of the U Bein-bridge in Amarapura, a 45 minutes drive from Mandalay, you will find this monastery. This monastery is a home base for thousands of monks.

5. Shwedagon Pagoda. Admire the biggest and most beautiful pagoda of Myanmar in Yangon. This cone-shaped pagoda, reaching 98 meters in height, is decorated with 50.000 kilos of gold leaf and many thousands of valuable gems. It is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites of the world.

things to do Myanmar, 15 things you have to do in Myanmar

6. Inle Lake. The Inle Lake is Myanmar’s second biggest lake, lying about 400 kilometers north of the capital of Yangon. Gardens float around on the Inle Lake, surrounded by a hilly landscape, allowing the people to cultivate dozens of species of vegetables. The local fishermen commute around the water with a paddle that seems attached to their legs.

7. Ananda Temple. I thought this was the most impressive temple of Bagan. The temple is already super-beautiful on the outside, but the inside of the temple is so interesting because of the mix of interior/imagery. The locals also visit the temple en masse.

things to do Myanmar, 15 things you have to do in Myanmar

8. Yangon. Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is Myanmar’s biggest city with as many as 6 million residents. This city has a few beautiful temples and atmospheric markets that you certainly shouldn’t miss.

9 .Mount Popa. Mount Popa is a volcano in Myanmar and on top is a monastery. This is a very unique location for a monastery! Mount Popa lies 60km south-east of Bagan. This remarkable mountain is actually an extinguished volcano and rises up seemingly out of nothing, it is a remarkable sight.

things to do Myanmar, 15 things you have to do in Myanmar

10. Shwe San Daw Pagoda. This temple is worth visiting, because you can climb on it and it is one of the highest temples. The view is beautiful and I strongly advise you to watch the sunrise from here, because this truly is a spectacular view.

11. Winetasting. Maybe this sounds a bit strange, but east of Nyaung Shwe you will find Red Mountain Estate, a wine yard. You can order a winetasting of 4 glasses for about 2.000 Kyat on the terrace with a beautiful view over the Inle Lake and the hillside landscape.

12. Kyaiktiyo or Golden Rock. This round rock seems to defy gravity. It looks like it can fall down the cliff any moment. A strange phenomena and a sacred place for Buddhists who visit here en masse.

things to do Myanmar, 15 things you have to do in Myanmar

13. Ngapali Beach. This is a seaside resort and the most important beach destination of Myanmar.

14. Hsipaw. Hsipaw is a relaxed rural village in the mountainous Shan State northeast of Mandalay. It is the ideal spot for beautiful hikes through the rice fields and to the waterfalls. The train trip from Mandalay to Hsipaw is a highlight in itself too.

15. Hpa-An. Hpa-An is an authentic city in Myanmar. Despite its slight size, many striking sights are too be seen on the picturesque fields directly outside of Hpa-An. Hpa-An lies next to the Than Lwin (Salween) river, about a 7-8 hours drive by buss from Yangon.

things to do Myanmar, 15 things you have to do in Myanmar

These are all activities I really enjoyed in Myanmar. I’m curious about what you think of this list of things to do in Myanmar. Do you have any tips with things to do in Myanmar?


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