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12x why you should visit Morocco


Think of Morocco as your next holiday destination! Morocco is a surprising country that has a lot to offer and you never feel bored. The country is a huge explosion of colors, smells and sounds. Morocco has great beautiful (king)cities, pristine deserts, cozy villages and great beaches. I can recommend anyone to visit this particular country. But why should you visit Morocco?

Do you doubt about your next trip to Morocco? Here I give you 12 reasons why you should visit Morocco!

1. The flight tickets are cheap

There are several low cost airlines flying to Morocco and therefore flying to Morocco is very cheap. With ease you will find a cheap ticket and you do not have to wait long for the wide range of offers. There are several airports in Morocco, for example, you can fly to Marrakech and fly back from Fez and make a trip around.

2. Morocco is only a four hour flight

With just a few hours of flying you are already at the destination of a totally different world. For example, a direct flight from the Netherlands to Fez or Marrakech takes only about four hours.

why visit Morocco, 12x why you should visit Morocco

3. You can go for just a couple of days

Have a nice weekend and go to Morocco. This is a country you really do not need to go to for weeks, such as Indonesia, Myanmar or the Philippines. Given the short flight time, the cheap ticket and the small time difference, this country is a great destination for a city break of a few days. This is a great reason why you should visit Morocco!

4. Morocco is a cheap place to stay

Except for the fact that you are flying cheap, the country is also very cheap in itself. The hotels are cheap and the on-site food in the small restaurants is also very affordable. There are also plenty of expensive and luxury hotels and restaurants to be found for the lovers, but this really is not needed.

why visit Morocco, 12x why you should visit Morocco

5. The combination of city and nature

This country is the ideal country to sense the combination of city and nature. Walk around one day in a city and enjoy all the culture you see and the next day you will walk around in nature and visit the Atlas Mountains, for example. The best of two worlds are super easy to combine here.

6. The beautiful nature

Nature is simply surprisingly beautiful, of course, especially outside the cities. Rugged mountains, huge sand dunes and dry deserts, bare rock fractions, oases, rivers, limestone houses, palm trees and beaches, the variety of nature makes the country amazing. You do not have to look far, because just outside of the big cities like Tangier, Marrakesh and Fez you will find yourself in this breathtaking setting.

7. The riads

In Morocco there are many accommodation built in riads and you just have to go sleep here. Riads are the former palaces and dwellings of the rich people, characterized by a superbly sophisticated architecture with a green courtyard and full of details and colors on the walls. Nowhere in the world can you sleep in this kind of beautiful small-scale accommodations. Prices vary somewhat and there is a riad for every price range.

why visit Morocco, 12x why you should visit Morocco

8. Delicious food

Also important is that the food is really delicious. Maybe especially in the small restaurants and the cheap stalls on the street. The tajine is deliciously delicious just like the couscous and the many herbs used in the food are a pleasure for your taste buds. Food is for sure a reason why you should visit Morocco!

why visit Morocco, 12x why you should visit Morocco

9. Morocco is safe

Morocco has an image of being an unsafe country for tourists. But this is a prejudice, because it is safe and the people are welcoming and friendly. Okay, honestly, the sellers in the big cities are sometimes a bit annoying, but that is also an exception.

10. Rent a car

Morocco is a great country to discover with a rental car. So plan your own trip exactly as you want and explore the country by driving around. Rent a car with a TomTom because the road is not always clearly indicated.


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why visit Morocco, 12x why you should visit Morocco

11. A whole other world

It is a totally different country than the Netherlands and actually does not seem to be anything at all like life in the Netherlands. The deeper you walk into the Medina, the more you go back in time and you experience the true Morocco with its ancient crafts. This will make you feel completely out of date and experience a totally different world. How nice is it to stimulate all your senses in this versatile country.

12. The colors

It is a happy country because of the many colors you see everywhere. The houses, the markets, the restaurants and the buildings are all so colorful and this is just beautiful to see and even feels like a fairy-tale. At every corner of the street, you are once again surprised by the colors. This is also great for the photography lovers among us.

why visit Morocco, 12x why you should visit Morocco

These are my reasons why you should visit Morocco! What are your reasons for a visit to Morocco?

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