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I think that Berlin is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. This is due to the enormous abundance of culture and the impressive history. I find this combination of culture and history special. I know few cities that have this. The atmosphere in Berlin is creative and the city is buzzing in a way that makes me feel very comfortable. The city has a lot to offer and I never get bored. There are several options to visit Berlin, namely by plane, train and by car. And nowadays you can also use the Flixbus, with which you can often travel to Berlin for a small fee. So for every budget there is a way to visit Berlin and experience this cool city! What to do in Berlin?

What to do in Berlin? 12 things that I really like to do in Berlin!

1. Renting a bicycle

The first thing I always do when I am in Berlin is renting a bike. Renting a bicycle is possible on every corner of the street. The cycle paths in Berlin are good and you can travel safely by bike in the city. I always think cycling is the best way to move around in a city. I always experience the atmosphere and special dynamics of a city the best by putting myself in the middle of it. If you don’t know what to do in Berlin, rent a bike!

2. Street art

Street art can be found everywhere in Berlin and that always makes me happy! I think that there is not so much art in public anywhere in the world as in the city of Berlin. Even if you are not looking directly for street art, you will find it everywhere. One of my favorite places to admire street art is the Bülowstrasse.

what to do Berlin, 12 x what to do in Berlin

3. East Side Gallery

Every time I am in Berlin, I go back to the East Side Gallery. This place has a huge attraction to me. History and art are combined here in the best possible way! This is the longest part of the Berlin wall that is still intact and this wall is made by artists with very cool paintings. I continue to find it special to walk by and to take in the artworks and at the same time realize that this was also the separation wall of the city. In good weather you can also sit on the water.what to do Berlin, 12 x what to do in Berlin

4. Reichstag building

You should certainly admire this building from the outside, but it is also worth a visit. This building makes the heart of the architecture enthusiast beat harder. Inside you get an audio tour and this tour guides you through the entire building and gives you lots of interesting information. I do not always like audiotours, but this tour is great! In view of the crowds, you always have to register a few weeks in advance via the website of the Bundestag. Do not forget to bring your ID with you.

what to do Berlin, 12 x what to do in Berlin

5. Holocaust monument

This is a particularly impressive monument in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. For me this monument was one of the main reasons to go to Berlin. The monument consists of a large number of pillars where you walk in between. It is located in the middle of the city, but when I walked through it, I felt that everything was a special place and that made me very quiet. The maker has devised the monument in such a way that it is a place to commemorate, but also a place that serves as a kind of playground and a place to sit and eat a sandwich. There is also a museum under the monument, which I found very worthwhile.

what to do Berlin, 12 x what to do in Berlin

6. Berliner Unterwelten Tour

This tour takes you to the bunkers and life under the ground of Berlin. It is fun for everyone who is interested in the Second World War and/cold war. The guide tells a lot about the history of Berlin in combination with the war. You can see that they were seriously prepared under the ground at the metro stations for a possible attack on the city of Berlin. There are several shelters with space for a limited number of people who could survive here for a few hours. It is not possible to book this tour in advance. On the site it is well illustrated which tours are every day. I went to the office an hour before the tour and bought a ticket. Next to the office is a shopping center where you can eat or shop while waiting. If you don’t know what to do in Berlin and you want to do someting interesting this tour is great!

7. Brandenburger Tor

This gate is the symbol of the fall of the wall and of the city of Berlin. This special gate has experienced both the Prussian Empire and the Third Reich of Hitler. If you love history and architecture, it is definitely worth a visit. You can compare it a bit with the Eiffel Tower or the Big Ben. You just have to go there and take a picture!

8. Fernsehturm

The Fernsehturm is a gigantic tower of 368 meters high and from all over Berlin you can see this tower towering above everything. This tower is on Alexanderplatz and for € 13, – you go up with a very fast lift in 40 seconds. From the viewing platform you have the best view of Berlin and with clear weather you can see the whole city and surroundings. I went to this tower during the sunset and this is the best time!

what to do Berlin, 12 x what to do in Berlin

9. Shopping

Berlin is a city where you can shop for days and that is something I like to do on a city trip. There is a huge diversity of large well-known chain stores, small boutiques and many vintage stores. Always keep some space in your suitcase because shopping in Berlin is wonderful! If you don’t know what to do in Berlin, then go shopping!

10. Dancing in a club in Berlin

One of the things that I also find very cool and unique about Berlin are the enormous cool parties. Berlin is known for its large club culture and the parties go on for nights. My absolute favorite is Berghain. This club is located on the border between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. This club is the cradle of European techno music and the parties are unrivaled cool!

what to do Berlin, 12 x what to do in Berlin

11. Eating Currywurst

To be honest, Berlin is not the city where I go to fancy restaurants and eat culinary delights. Berlin is buzzing with the fast food chains and takeaways and these have a huge appeal to me. For example, I always eat the famous and delicious German currywurst once. The most delicious currywurst can be found at Konnopke’s Imbiss on the Schönhauser Allee. They serve the currywurst since 1930!

12. Taking pictures

There are passport photo booths all over Berlin where you can take a photo for one or two euros. I always like that! In my opinion, only the city of Taipei exceeds Berlin in the number of photo booths. Make sure you always have a few loose euros in your pocket and dive into the box and make a nice photo as a souvenir.

what to do Berlin, 12 x what to do in Berlin

What to do in Berlin? These are the 12 things that I really like to see and do in Berlin! What things do you like to do in Berlin?

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