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10 tips for a visit to the Taj Mahal, India

Taj mahal

The Taj Mahal is definitely the most impressive building in the world! If you think of India, you immediately think of the Taj Mahal! This masterpiece has quite rightly been chosen since 2007 as one of the seven new world wonders. I think you should place the Taj Mahal very high on your bucket list! The Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra, about 200km from New Delhi. Approximately 2 million people visit this masterpiece every year. I have visited the Taj Mahal twice and I am deeply impressed by the exceptional beauty and pure magic that this building radiates. Are you looking for tips for a visit to the Taj Mahal?

Will you admire the Taj Mahal soon? Then read my 10 tips for a visit to the Taj Mahal!

1. Visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise

I find the Taj Mahal the most beautiful when the sun just rises, because then you see lots of colors that create a whole mystical atmosphere. The Taj Mahal is built of white marble and the first rays of sunlight give the marble a special golden and mother-of-pearl glow. Make sure you are at the front of the queue and that only works if you are there before 6:00 am and have a ticket. Then you can be the first to run inside at 6:30 am and make beautiful pictures without other tourists in the photos.

2. Where can you best buy a ticket?

The Taj Mahal has three different entrances: Western Gate, Southern Gate and Eastern Gate. The Western and Eastern Gate are open during the sunrise, but the Southern Gate is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This entrance is therefore not suitable for viewing the sunrise! At the Western Gate and Southern Gate you can buy a ticket immediately, but because of this the rows are longer. Make sure you are here well before the opening time, around 5:30 am! At the Eastern Gate you can also buy a ticket directly and you can even go straight through, but the entrance is 2 kilometers away. If you have a printed e-ticket, then I think the best choice is the Eastern Gate. The easiest way is to buy your ticket with cash, because not all cash registers accept debit cards and credit cards.

Tips visit Taj Mahal, 10 tips for a visit to the Taj Mahal, India

3. What clothes do you wear?

The Taj Mahal is a grave monument and therefore appropriate clothing is respectful and also required. Your shoulders must be covered and the pants or skirt must fall over your knees.

4. Day trip from New Delhi?

It is possible to arrange a day trip from New Delhi to the Taj Mahal. New Delhi is about 200km and 5 hours away from Agra. However, I advise you not to do so as you will miss the sunrise and be at the busiest of days at the Taj Mahal. Arrange a tour where you have an overnight stay in Agra and you can experience the breathtaking sunrise.

Tips visit Taj Mahal, 10 tips for a visit to the Taj Mahal, India

5. How easy is it to reach the Taj Mahal from your hotel?

You have plenty of choice to find a hotel in Agra near the Taj Mahal. This is useful, because you do not have to get up much earlier when you go to see the sunrise. But keep in mind that the zone around the Taj Mahal is car-free and you always have to walk a bit.

6. How do you take the best photos?

It is a very crowded attraction and even if you are very early, it is still difficult to take good pictures without people. But if you have patience, you will also succeed! A smart place to take pictures is from the back of the Taj Mahal. Then you do not have the beautiful pond on it, but the Taj Mahal is beautiful from the back too.

Tips visit Taj Mahal, 10 tips for a visit to the Taj Mahal, India

7. View the Taj Mahal from the river side

On the other side of the Yemuna river are the gardens of Mehtab. From this riverbank you have a great view of the Taj Mahal.

8. What do you take with you?

The security check is super strict at the Taj Mahal and therefore it is advisable to bring only the things you really need. I just had my camera, cash and a bottle of water with me. Bags are not allowed and sometimes your mobile phone is not allowed either.

Tips visit Taj Mahal, 10 tips for a visit to the Taj Mahal, India

9. Take your time

It is very sad to visit the Taj Mahal as quickly as possible. So you can never let the full beauty of this masterpiece work on you. At the Taj Mahal there are also two mosques that are worth taking a look at. Be sure to spend a day to admire this wonder of the world!

10. View the Taj Mahal during full moon

Just as the sunlight makes the marble shine, so does the full moon. During the full moon days you can view the Taj Mahal from a distance and experience the beautiful brilliance of the marble. Check in advance if you have the luck to be here with full moon!

Tips visit Taj Mahal, 10 tips for a visit to the Taj Mahal, India

These are my tips for a visit to the Taj Mahal! Do you have any questions and tips about for a visit to the Taj Mahal?

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Tips visit Taj Mahal, 10 tips for a visit to the Taj Mahal, India

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The Taj Mahal


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