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The 10 best museums in Gelderland

beste musea Gelderland

As far as I’m concerned, Gelderland is the nicest province in the Netherlands. I’m probably biased because I’ve lived there for years. In Gelderland there are many nice and interesting museums to visit. I have the 10 best museums in Gelderland listed!

The 10 best museums in Gelderland

The 10 best museums in Gelderland

1. MuZIEum

In this museum you experience what it’s like to have a visual handicap. It is recommended to take a tour of the centre with virtual reality glasses on to experience visually impaired vision. Because of the dark experience and the virtual reality glasses it is an innovative outing where you experience something unique. Location: Ziekerstraat 6b, Nijmegen.

2. Africa Museum

This special musuem is completely dedicated to art from and cultures of the continent Africa. It shows religious and traditional objects as well as contemporary African art. There are various activities organized. Imagine a day in Africa! Location: Postweg 6, Berg en Dal.

best museums Gelderland, The 10 best museums in Gelderland

3. The Kröller-Müller Museum

Here you will find the second largest Van Gogh collection in the world. A must visit for art lovers! There are 90 paintings and 180 drawings by this great artist. This museum is located in the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Location: Houtkampweg 6, Otterlo.

4. Airborne Museum Hartenstein

This museum is a gem, because it is a very good and informative museum. You get a lot of explanation about the battle of Arnhem. Movies, lots of information boards, but also objects and posters that make you think. Location: Utrechtseweg 232, Oosterbeek.

5. Dutch Open Air Museum

A journey through time with authentic buildings, objects and true stories. It’s wonderful to go back in time to your (great) grandmother, mother and your youth. This museum is big and you can even take the tram. There are numerous activities that will teach you a lot about how things used to be. Location: Hoeferlaan 4, Arnhem.

best museums Gelderland, The 10 best museums in Gelderland

6. Museum More / Kasteel Ruurlo

The castle is beautifully maintained and the castle rooms are beautifully decorated. The works of Willink are shown to their full advantage. This museum is also a must if you don’t have too much with art. Tip is to first watch the movie with explanation about this castle, so you have a good idea of the history. Location: Vordenseweg 2, Ruurlo.

7. Liberty Museum

This museum is not that big, but highly recommended for young and old. Central is the Second World War, in connection with the history of the 20th century and current affairs. The Second World War gets a multifaceted face from different perspectives. Location: Wylerbaan 4, Groesbeek.

best museums Gelderland, The 10 best museums in Gelderland

8. The Valkhof

In this museum you will be made enthusiastic about the extensive and beautiful collection of Roman statues and objects, such as jewellery, coins, bowls, pots, etc… The Romans stayed for a long time in Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands. Location: Kelkensbos 59, Nijmegen.

9. Orientalis

Here you will discover the colourful world of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. You will learn in a fun way the similarities and differences of the cultures and traditions of these three religions. It is quite a walk in the 30 hectare park. Location: Prophet Avenue 2, Holy Land Foundation.

best museums Gelderland, The 10 best museums in Gelderland

10. Societe Musee Lalique Pays Bas

This museum is entirely dedicated to the da Vinci of jewellery and glass art: René Lalique (1860-1945). In addition to Lalique’s jewels and vases, hundreds of unique perfume bottles are on display. The founder also works in the shop and tells incredibly interesting stories and knows everything. Location: Gasthuisstraat 1, Doesburg.

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best museums Gelderland, The 10 best museums in Gelderland


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